Custom Shiloh Residential Ground Mount

This residential project is an 84.6 kw solar array at the home of a local telecommunications pioneer and philanthropist. The Solar Array consists of 360 Solarworld 240w panels, and 360 Enphase m215 Inverters, making it the Largest residential system in Northern California and, at the time of completion, February 2012, the second largest Enphase system in the WORLD! This system will reduce Green House Gas emissions by 2,266 tons of Co2 over the next 25 years. This is equivalent to the Co2 emitted by a small car driving 7,681,695 miles; 4,672,371 air miles; the Co2 emitted from trash and waste from 4,120 persons; the equivalent offset of planting 90,644 trees. Sonoma County is a cleaner, Greener place because of it!
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