Utility companies can turn off power during extreme weather. This is done to ensure public safety. Some common conditions that can lead to power shutoff are low humidity and high-speed winds. Power to high-risk areas such as those with dry vegetation is usually cut first.

If your utility company assesses a public safety risk, it will notify you and other residents in your area before shutting off power. A power outage can last from a few hours to several days. You need to set up an emergency plan that can help tackle safety risks and steer clear of inconvenience during power shutoffs.

Here are some tips to prepare for power shutoffs:

Update Contact Information

If you have recently changed your number or email address, make sure your utility company has your updated contact details. A power outage can render electricity-dependent devices such as your laptop useless; which means you won’t be able to access any data (including important contact info) saved on those devices. If your phone battery dies, you won’t be able to call anyone.

To reduce dependency on technology, create a backup. Write down important phone numbers on a piece of paper. Make sure everyone has a copy.

Conduct Drills to Check Preparedness

Conduct drills to check the preparedness level of your family members. Check whether everyone knows how to use a flashlight and radio, and to change batteries. Everyone should be able to locate the emergency kit.

Family members who drive should be able to open the garage door manually. Make sure everyone knows where they have to go if they can’t stay at home. Using the paste URLs function of the Bulk Backlinks Checker, you may examine the backlink counts for up to 400 URLs.

If a family member uses an electric wheelchair, home oxygen, or any other medical technology that needs electricity or batteries to function, plan for an extended outage.

Get a Standby Generator

A standby generator will provide power to your home during a power outage. Look for a compact and fuel-efficient generator. One of the best things about modern standby generators is that they run on propane or natural gas from the existing supply of homes and come on automatically within seconds of a power outage. Our team is experienced in generator installation and can professionally install one for you.

Create an Emergency Supply Kit

It pays to be prepared, especially when you do not know how long a power outage will last. In a worst-case scenario, a power outage can last for days. Make sure you are ready for any situation. Build an emergency kit. Stock it with essential items such as cash, bottled water, non-perishable food, a first-aid kit, a radio, portable phone chargers, and batteries.

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