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Electrical Service in Santa Rosa

5 Warning Signs Your Home May Have Electrical Problems

Around 30,000 electrical fires are reported from different parts of the country each year. These fires are estimate to cause $1.1 billion in property damage and kill more than 300 people. Some common causes of electrical fires are faulty…

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Home Automation Sonoma County

Reasons to Hire a Pro for Your Smart Home Installation

Chances are you have at least one smart home device in your home. Nowadays most homes have multiple smart devices whether it be a smart speaker, smart plug, or smart light bulbs. You can find just about a smart version of anything these…

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Generator Installation in Sonoma County

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Home Generator

Just like any other household appliance, your standby generator needs regular care and maintenance. Whether you use an electric generator, a diesel generator, a portable generator or a gasoline generator, make regular maintenance a…

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Solar Company Near Me

Batteries & Generators: Can They Work Together with Solar?

Power outages are not only inconvenient but are also becoming more frequent. Whether caused by a natural disaster or inclement weather, a power outage can bring your life to a grinding halt. An outage can last a few minutes, a few hours,…

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Signs You Need Professional Electrical Work in Your Home or Business

Did you know that electrical repair problems are hands down one of the main causes of most commercial fires every year? Faulty wiring and other electrical issues can pose a threat to you and your business. It is needless to say that if a…

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What to Do and NOT to Do Before and During a Power Outage

We are heavily dependent on electricity as it operates our household appliances. A power outage will not just plunge your region into darkness but will render all your electric appliances useless. When your appliances get turned off, it…

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Can Good Lighting Design Help Your Health?

Summit Technology Group is always on the lookout for new products and services that benefit our clients. That’s part of the reason why we’ve been in business for over 50 years. Today is no different. STG is excited to announce that we are…

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Tips to Prepare Your Backup Generator for Winter

Winter is here. Now is the right time to prepare your generator for the winter months as generators can develop several problems during this cold season. When the temperature drops, the particles of generator fuel can coalesce, making it…

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All You Wanted to Know About Battery Backup Systems

Power outages can be disastrous, especially if you have a sick person at home who uses an electricity-dependent medical device or assistive technology. If your area experiences frequent power outages, consider a solar battery backup in…

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Different Types of Generators

An electric generator converts mechanical energy from an external source to electrical energy. Generators are a godsend to families during power outages. A backup generator can power all the major appliances used in your household, and…

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