Check out the latest and most up-to-date technology utilization in the world of home automation.

A group of people clinking glasses in a backyard.

Bring More Beauty and Fun to Your Home This Holiday Season

Smart Home Automation Offers Effortless Control of Lighting and Entertainment That time of year has arrived to Healdsburg, CA! Soon, friends and family will arrive at our doorsteps, and holiday parties will be in full swing. While it's a…

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A group of people toasting during a holiday celebration.

Keep the Power on Throughout the Holidays and Beyond

A Battery Storage System Saves Solar Power for When You Need It the Most We know it’s hard to imagine, but the holidays are upon us. Before we know it, family and friends will be gathering for celebrations that last long into the evenings.…

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Solar panels on a luxury California home.

Take Advantage of Solar Tax Credits Before the Year is Over

Does Your Solar Panel System Make You Eligible for Savings? A solar panel system on your home in the North Bay, CA, comes with many benefits including energy independence, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money on your utilities.…

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A Savant power smart panel in a luxury smart home.

5 Ways Savant Power Helps You Manage Your Energy

Monitor and Control Your Energy Consumption Throughout Your Home Homes rely on steady electricity to keep the lights on, the HVAC system running, and appliances powered. It’s a necessary utility, but it can be hard to gauge how much…

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A living room’s AV system, including a smart TV, receiver, and floor speakers. 

Keep Your Smart Home Running Like Clockwork This Holiday Season

3 Tips for Achieving Whole Home Automation and Integration in Your Smart Home In a way, smart homes function as the human body does. They are a collection of systems working in unison. When one fails, the rest can suffer. With the holiday…

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Silhouette of trees burning in a forest.

It’s Wildfire Season – Are Your Power Outage Solutions Ready?

Prepare for Power Loss With These Solutions  Over the past decade, California has become a spark plug for wildfires throughout the dry summer and fall months. If you live in the Glen Ellen, CA area, you should be prepared for power outages…

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A couple watches a movie while eating popcorn. A beautiful Christmas three in the back adds a festive touch.

Prepare For the Holidays With a Home Theater Installation

Enjoy Invaluable Family Time this Season In Your Personal Home Theater The holidays are a special time, reminding us of what’s most important: quality time with family and friends. So many families love watching holiday movies together,…

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Lutron architectural style light dimmer in a beautiful smart home.

4 Ways Summit Technology Group Can Help with Light Switch Installation

Update Your Home with New Light Switches from Summit Technology Group A lighting system is one of the most important features of any home. Light not only makes a home livable but also impacts a homeowner's daily life. A lighting system…

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A luxurious California home equipped with solar panels.

3 Reasons for Solar Panel Installation

From Saving Money to Energy Independence, You’ll Love Having a Solar-Powered Home Solar panels have become an increasingly popular addition to many homes. Solar PV systems offer many benefits, whether you use them to supplement your…

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A couple dance in their living room while listening to music with a Sonos speaker.

3 Ways Multi-Room Audio Systems Enhance the Holidays

Embrace Holiday Cheer Early with a Multi-Room Audio System Summer is coming to a close. Back to school is upon us, and the fall season will fly by. Before we know it, it’ll be the holiday season. The holidays can make the months of…

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