Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, work from home has become the new normal. An increasing number of people now rely on the Internet for education, work, and entertainment. Unfortunately, the internet and wireless networks are coming under immense pressure due to this surge in demand.

If you are living in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and your slow internet speed frustrates you, talk to a networking technician in Santa Rosa from Summit Technology Group. A Wi-Fi expert knows various tricks to speed up Wi-Fi. Not only will the professional fix your Internet, but will also discuss ways to boost your Wi-Fi performance.

One of the most important things that impact Wi-Fi quality is the way the Wi-Fi connection was set up. If you are planning to get a Wi-Fi connection, look for an expert installer. An installation expert is well aware of installation mistakes and plans their every installation keeping in mind roadblocks that the project may hit.

Tips to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi

Before you call an expert, try these tips to increase Wi-Fi speed and overall wireless quality:

Move Your Router

Oftentimes, Wi-Fi routers get stuck in the corners of homes, close to the wall where signals enter the home. This can be a problem as wireless networks use radio waves. They have limited range and are unable to penetrate walls.

If it’s feasible, move your router to a more central location. This can be done by running a longer coax or ethernet cable. Keep your router away from refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other metal equipment. If you have a fish tank, move your router as far from it as possible, as Wi-Fi signals can struggle to pass through water. Looking for buy Radios Kenwood then you have right place.

Change Your Wi-Fi Channel

If you have several other Wi-Fi networks near you, try changing your channel as there is a chance you may be experiencing radio interference. Remember, not all routers are designed to sense interference and pick uncluttered frequencies. If your router is unable to find clearer frequencies, manually change the channel and see if it helps.

Use a Wi-Fi Extender

If removing your router is not a feasible option, get a Wi-Fi extender and place it where the signal is weak. A Wi-Fi extender repeats the wireless signal from a router to enhance its coverage. The device captures a Wi-Fi signal from the router and rebroadcasts it to areas where the signal is weak.

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