A few small changes in everyday life can help you save dramatically on your power. These changes do not cost a dime, but they can add up to real-time energy savings over time. Listed below are a few tips from expert electrical contractors in Sonoma County that you can try to save energy, save money, and reduce your family’s impact on the environment.

1) Turn Off Fans When You Exit a Room
This is a no-brainer. Fans do not work like air conditioners in that they do not cool a room. Fans blow still air, which often feels cool across your skin. In fact, the motor on your fans adds more heat to the room, making it sensible for you to turn it off when you leave a room.

How to do so? As with the lights and electronics, when you leave a room, be sure to turn off the fan too. This not only helps save energy but also sets a good example for the younger generation to follow.

2) Drop Window Shades and Close Drapes During Daytime
When you drop the window shades during the day, it helps keep the sunlight out and thus cools the house considerably. During winter, doing the reverse would help let sunshine seep in.

How to do so? Moving your furniture around each season will not only give your house a new look but also is a neat way to take advantage of the sun or to avoid the sun. For instance, setting a table by a large French window makes way for a cozy spot to enjoy your breakfast on a chilly winter day.

3) Wash and Rinse Your Clothes in Cold Water
Most Americans are unaware of the fact that 90% of the energy that is used to wash clothes is in fact toward heating water.

If you thought hot water gets the dirt and grime out, think again. Studies indicate that cold water is nearly as effective in cleaning clothes, thanks to cold water formulated detergents and high-efficiency washers.

4) Cover All Drinks and Food in Your Refrigerator
All food stored in the refrigerator release moisture, which makes the compressor work a lot harder in order to keep your unit cold.

A simple way to maximize energy savings is to wrap all your food to trap moisture. A better way to do so would be to put your leftovers in a reusable container with a lid. This will keep your food fresh and also help you save energy. IT support in Edinburgh is a kind of help desk where consumers may go to solve problems, get answers, and get advice.

5) Switch to Your Cold Water Faucet
Use cold water as much as you can. Using your hot water faucet means you use energy to heat the water you use. A good idea would be to turn down the lever so that the water is warm.

How to do so? Aside from washing vessels, you could also use cold water for cooking purposes. Also, hot water from the faucet tends to absorb more lead as well as other contaminants from the pipes.

If you are looking to save energy, or to convert your home into a smart home, waste no time, contact one of the best electrical contractors in Sonoma CountySummit Technology Group. Call us at 707-542-4773 today.