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Switching to solar? We’re the ones in the know. As premier solar energy installers for over 20 years, we have a wealth of deep knowledge about renewable energy systems for homes and businesses.

From concept to completion, our team of designers, engineers and installers deliver unrivalled levels of service and product quality. We’ll advise you on financing, leasing, tax credits and rebates, too – because when it comes to renewables, there’s nothing we don’t know.

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Slide We design and engineer a wide range of clean energy systems and sustainability services. With our energy management and planning capabilities, we can help you improve efficiencies and reduce both cost and risk by optimizing energy use, minimizing waste and harnessing available financial incentives. DESIGN & ENGINEERING BACK TO SERVICES As a premier solar energy installer for over 20 years, there’s not much we don’t know about photovoltaic (PV) generation. From concept to completion, to ongoing service and maintenance we provide the full end-to-end service to both residential and commercial clients. Talk to us about financing options, rebates and tax credits. SOLAR PV BACK TO SERVICES We design and install tailor-made wind power solutions for both domestic and commercial customers. With in-depth knowledge of all types of wind turbines and technologies, our expert team can guide you through the feasibility of harnessing wind to power your property, and advise you on funding initiatives and incentives. WIND BACK TO SERVICES Whether you’re looking to lower your energy bills, or reduce your reliance on the grid, talk to us about our battery solutions. As experts in energy storage for homes and business, we’ll advise on the best systems to store both solar energy and low-tariff electricity, ready to use whenever you need it. BATTERY SOLUTIONS BACK TO SERVICES We help homeowners and commercial property owners maximize energy efficiency and decrease utility costs. From home and business energy audits, to energy diagnostic test, we design and install sensible and sustainable energy solutions tailored to your precise requirements. ENERGY CONSERVATION BACK TO SERVICES We’re committed to helping homes and businesses reduce their overall energy consumption and lower their utility bills. Our expert team provide comprehensive audit, analysis and consultancy services, to help you minimize wastage, increase efficiency and save costs. ENERGY MANAGEMENT BACK TO SERVICES We supply and install electric vehicle charging stations for homes and businesses. Working with leading technology brands in the EV world, we can provide a comprehensive service from product selection and installation, to advice on grants and rebates. EV CHARGERS BACK TO SERVICES When the grid is not an option, we’ll find a power solution for you. From generators, batteries and invertors, to solar PV and wind turbines, our technical team can advise on the products and services available for off-grid energy supply. OFF-GRID BACK TO SERVICES From servicing and upgrading existing installations, to cleaning, repositioning and replacement of worn components, or maintenance and support package is second-to-none. As a trusted name in renewables, we’ve been Diamond Certified for over a decade. MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT BACK TO SERVICES SOLAR PV BATTERY SOLUTIONS WIND ENERGY MANAGEMENT ENERGY CONSERVATION EV CHARGERS MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT DESIGN & ENGINEERING OFF-GRID


Home PROJECT DESIGN CONSTRUCTION DISCOVER The first stage of your journey.

Probably the most important part of our process, this is where we find out everything we need to know about your project. From the big picture to the little details, we take the time to understand what matters to you.

DESIGN This is where the fun starts.

We put your brief on paper and bring our ideas to the table. We design, we refine, and we're never afraid to go back to the drawing board. What matters to us is getting it right for you, not right first time.

INSTALL Our team sets into motion.

Our specialist team start working through the plan to fulfil your project. Every member of Summit is fully qualified, highly trained, and trusted by us to deliver exceptional quality and personal service.

SUPPORT The end of your project is just the beginning.

We’re here for the long-term – and we’re just a phone call away. From fixing a fuse to upgrading or remodeling, our professional support and service staff are on hand 24/7/365.