Your electrical service panel houses several circuit breakers that distribute electricity to different parts of your home. Over time, the service panel may become corroded, or dust may settle on different components. Dust, debris, or loose connections can cause your electrical panel to malfunction, putting your business or home at risk for tripped circuit breakers and power outages. To steer clear of these issues, maintain your electrical service panel regularly.

Electrical contractors in Sonoma County recommend having the service panel inspected and maintained by a contractor at least once every three years.

Why Maintain Your Service Panel?

Your electrical service panel is the central distribution point for delivering electricity from the utility company to switches, outlets, and appliances in your home. A faulty electrical panel will not just damage electrical appliances connected to it, but can also pose a safety hazard.
Breakers and lose wires can cause overheating. If you do not move quickly to address the problem, it will snowball into a major concern, and you may end up spending a ton of money on expensive repairs.

What is Done During a Maintenance Session?

During a maintenance session, your electrician will check for signs of rust, wear and tear, and corrosion. The professional will clean the different components of your panel.
They will check all necessary connections and conduct a thermal check to detect high temperatures, one of the most common indicators of electrical problems.

Signs Your Electrical Service Panel Needs to Be Maintained or Replaced

Frequent Panel Tripping 
Does your circuit breaker trip frequently? This can be an indicator that you are using more appliances than your circuit can accommodate. An electrical panel trips off to prevent the wires from overheating. If you are facing the problem, have your breaker replaced.

Flickering Lights 

If your lights flicker when household appliances are in use, there could be a connection problem. If an appliance operates but seems to have a diminished output, there is a possibility that your circuits are overloaded. This is an indicator that your panel is outdated and is unable to handle the load.

Burning Smell or Discolored Outlets 

If your service box has a poor connection, a huge amount of power will be generated in a small area. When the heat rises, you can smell burning. Overheating can cause your outlet to become discolored. This is a serious issue and requires immediate attention.

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