Since our launch in 1968, we’ve been asked countless questions over the years. To help our clients, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked queries about all things technology, electric systems, and renewable energy. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us here.

Summit Technology Group is the largest and most experienced electronic systems contractor in Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties. Our team of professionals can design, program, and install electronic systems projects of any size. We focus on designing systems that meet your specific needs and lifestyle.
When you partner with Summit Technology Group, you won’t have to source multiple different contractors for your project. We have a division for technology installations, a team for high-voltage electrical systems, and another side for renewable energy solutions. Each group may either work independently or together to provide our customers a one-stop solution.
We guarantee all material and installation labor for one year from the date of installation. Equipment warranty may last longer according to the manufacturer. We hope to provide 100 percent client satisfaction and will return to work with any client until that goal is achieved. We also provide extended warranty and preventative maintenance programs for those who are interested.
Summit Technology Group currently offers 24/7 support for electrical emergencies and AV technology needs. Simply call us at 707-542-4773 to be directed to one of our on-call technicians in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin County.
Yes, but Wi-Fi networks quickly become overcrowded when there are too many devices connected to the router, leading to slower performances and frequent crashes. For this reason, we recommend wiring any possible devices to lessen the strain on your Wi-Fi network. A combination of wired and wireless home networking will ensure your Healdsburg, CA smart home is always up to speed.
If you’re a movie lover who’s building an immersive home theater, a surround sound system is a must. Most internal TV speakers and soundbars can’t play low and high frequencies evenly, which makes dialogue and other audio elements difficult to distinguish. Nobody “needs” surround sound, but if audio quality is important to you, you won’t want to miss it.
TV displays are made up of thousands of pixels – and the more pixels, the clearer the picture will be. 8K displays have approximately eight times the number of pixels compared to high-definition screens. Even though 8K programming is not widely available yet, an 8K display will provide an improved picture over 4K, or high-definition displays.
An inexpensive appliance like Apple TV is a flexible device to stream all kinds of services like Amazon, Hulu and Vudu. Technology moves fast, and it’s much easier and less costly to upgrade a small appliance when streaming services change, rather than replacing a wall-mounted TV.
If you live in a multi-level house or in an apartment building with many neighbors on Wi-Fi, the network your service provider offered may not be enough. Wireless access points can help spread your Wi-Fi signal farther, while an upgraded router can communicate with more devices simultaneously. With stronger Wi-Fi, you can stream across your whole-home audio speakers, join video calls, and much more in your Sonoma home.
Lighting control systems include built-in astronomic clocks that will turn lights on at sunset then off before sunrise. You’ll never have to manually adjust the landscape lights again!
A lighting control system automatically powers off your lights at specific times, while motion detectors can turn off the lights in empty rooms. Your home in the Geyserville, CA area will instantly lower electric bills while helping the planet along the way.
Motorized shades will automatically protect your interiors against ultraviolet light. Whether your shades are mounted inside or outside, you’ll also preserve art and furnishings from fading.
Smart cameras connected to the internet can automatically alert your cellphone when a package is delivered.
Motorized shades can be operated remotely, so with a tap on your smartphone, remote, or wall keypad, even skylights and hard-to-reach windows may be shaded.
If smoke is detected, an alert will be sent via phone, internet, or cellular connection to a monitoring station who signal the homeowner and the fire department.
Doors fitted with smart locks allow entry via a keycode, key fob, or smartphone.
Cameras connected to the internet allow remote users to see their property via their smart phones, tablets, or computers.
Smart door locks with keypads allow users with pre-authorized codes to access the home.
Smart thermostats connected to the internet allow users to control their HVAC systems via their smart phones.
Summit was founded in 1968 by Richard Dashiell. His son, Laurence Dashiell, took over ownership in 1986.
Summit is a full-service electrical contractor with over 50 years of experience in the commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, and design/build markets.
In addition to standard electrical installations, we offer the following specialized services: home theater, lighting control, audio/video, total control, security and surveillance, voice and data networks, boardroom systems, back-up power systems, energy-efficient systems, and 24/7 electrical service.
Summit Technology Group currently offers 24/7 support for electrical emergencies and AV/technology needs. Simply call us at 707-542-4773 to be directed to one of our on-call technicians.
There was once a time when architects, interior designers, contractors, and clients who wanted electrical and technology solutions faced a big challenge. They needed someone to design, supply, install and support these solutions. They had to organize a multitude of different contractors, sorting out who would be responsible for each task and scheduling when each would work. But with Summit Technology Group, we’re an all-in-one integrator that covers electrical, technology, and renewable energy installations. You don’t need to juggle multiple contractors—just us. With one phone call to Summit, you’ll lower your stress and increase satisfaction.
Summit designs and installs residential and business back up power systems. Generators, battery back-up systems, and uninterruptible power sources are all viable options and surprisingly affordable. Call us today for a consultation and never be without power again!
Summit Technology Group offers many energy saving solutions for home and business: energy audits, lighting retrofits, and PG&E rebate processing. We also install power-saving lighting control systems and occupancy sensors, smart building automation systems, and programmable thermostats for HVAC.
All of our service technicians are licensed, bonded, and California state certified journeyman electricians.
8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
We have service technicians in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties.
Barring special order items, our service technicians are prepared to stay and complete any work quoted to you on their first trip out. They arrive in a fully stocked service truck and generally have all of the parts on board to complete standard service requests.
We offer 24/7 electrical service. After-hours and weekend appointments are always an option.
Call our office outside of regular business hours and an automated attendant will direct you to press “9” for emergency electrical service. At that point, calls are transferred to a live operator who takes the caller’s information. One of our highly skilled service technicians will return client calls within an hour.
We are very conscientious about client safety and security. For this reason, all of our employees are drug-tested and have a full background screening completed before they are hired. Our company and employees are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
We warrant our work free from defects in material and workmanship for the warranty period. Unless otherwise stated in writing on a client invoice, the warranty period is ninety (90) days from completion of the project. Having said that, 100 percent client satisfaction is our goal. When a client is not satisfied with our work, for any reason, we will return and work to resolve the problem until the client is completely happy.
A battery system will work for you every day charging with low credit solar power in the morning, and then releasing that low credit power into your home during PG&E’s high-cost time of use period. While a generator will perform well during an outage (if you remember to perform the monthly maintenance on it) only works for you during an outage, not every day like a battery system. Even when a generator runs during an outage, as long as that generator is running, it is costing you money in fuel.
There are two main types that are widely used today. NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) or LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate). The major differences in these two chemistries are in their longevity (LFP will allow for more lifetime cycles than the NMC) and in their thermal properties (LFP does not have a thermal property – meaning it will not catch fire).
Yes and no. It depends on the size of the solar panel system, the number of batteries you have installed, and the overall energy use of the home.
It depends. The answer will change depending on the amount of power you want to back up, the size of your solar system, and the time of day. For example, if a battery system can release 2,000 watts of power at any one time and is a 6kwh system, then the battery would last for three hours. If it was running 500 watts, then it would last for 12 hours.
In its simplest form, lighting design is what allows you to see your environment and live comfortably. Without good lighting, even the simplest tasks can be cumbersome.
New technology in lighting can mimic natural light, adjust to an environment, enhance moods, increase productivity, and even help you sleep. Many people are now embracing lighting as an essential factor of health and well-being.

Experience. We’re the most experienced solar installer in the Sonoma County area, as we’ve been installing high-performing renewable energy systems since 1990. We have been in the electrical business for over 50 years and can evaluate your electrical renewable needs. We’ll draw the nexus between your power use and what you could be paying for your power, while also providing energy-saving tips that would save electricity without a large outlay of cash.

Over the years, our team has been constantly learning and improving, making every installation even better than the last. Customers leverage this experience to ensure that their solar project will be finished on-time and on-budget. Our projects generate revenue quickly and without any the last-minute financial surprises that are so often associated with projects of this size.

Expertise. Not all solar contractors are electricians. Summit Technology Group has highly trained electrical professionals, which allows us to provide one of the finest and most affordable solar electric services throughout all of Northern California. As a full-service electrical contracting company, we provide turnkey solar systems from design to finished installation.

Customer Focus. We’re small enough to give each customer personalized attention yet big enough to to work on almost any sized project. Our customers continue to focus their attention on their core business concerns because our staff will meticulously track and communicate every detail of a project from start to finish.

Customer Satisfaction. The best measurement of a company’s success is repeat business and referrals. A large portion of our business is generated either from a referral or a follow-up project being done by one of our existing customers.

Locally Based, Locally Focused. Many solar companies choose to dilute their resources by establishing geographically diverse offices. At Summit Technology Group we have found that being the best requires a dedication to a more localized service area allowing us to better understand state subsidy programs, utility company regulations, and better navigate application processes.

Solar Panels are made of silicon. When sunlight is absorbed by silicon, it releases electrons. When released, those electrons only have one place they want to go—the ground. The solar panel and associated wiring direct those free-wheeling electrons to the route to ground that will generate power for you. You’ll use this power in your home or to sell back to the utility grid for other buildings to use.
In most cases, no. Your system is designed to work along with your utility. If the system detects that there is no power available from the grid, it shuts down. This is a code requirement that protects the utility lineman from shock hazards that would be created from a system sending power into the grid without their knowledge. However, it is possible to set up batteries that are charged by the output of your solar array. In that case, you will have power until those batteries are spent. The more batteries, the more storage and the longer you will have power while your utility is down.
Most panel manufacturer’s warranty their modules for 20 or 25 years. Although there are not many systems in the US that have been around that long, there’s known to be systems in California approaching 40 years and still running strong.
Your roof needs to be in good condition simply because you don’t want to incur the cost of removing the solar panels to replace the roof. Generally, if a roof has at least 10 years left on its manufacturer warranty, it should be OK. Solar panels can actually extend the lifespan of the roof because it will be shaded from the sun and won’t get as hot.
Solar electric systems require little maintenance. In our area, normal rainfall cycles may keep the panels clean enough during the rainy season. During dry periods, it is a good idea to hose them off with a garden hose (just don’t do it when it’s very sunny out). A good rule to live by is that if you have a lot of dust or pollen on your car, there’s likely just as much on your panels and you should hose them off. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your solar panels.
There are many. Typically, you can greatly reduce your electric bill or even eliminate it altogether. Combine that with the Federal Investment Tax Credit and the Solar Renewable Energy Credit program and the costs are reduced to the point where your system can pay a rate of return much higher than the stock market or bank deposits. Lastly, it helps the environment. Every solar electric system installed is like planting acres of trees.

The solar panel cost for a Bodega, CA–area home depends on several factors. The initial investment will depend on how large your property is and how much power you will need. A 12-kW system will cost more than a 4-kW house, for instance. We design each solar system to fit the needs of the project. Initial costs could be anywhere between from $10,000 and up. However, tax credits and incentives will greatly lower the cost of your installation, and with decreased energy bills from now on, you’ll save immensely in the long run.

Call Summit today at 707-542-4773 or contact us here. We will give our team what they need to start charting your power-generation needs and goals. Here comes the SUN!