5 Ways Savant Power Helps You Manage Your Energy


Monitor and Control Your Energy Consumption Throughout Your Home

Homes rely on steady electricity to keep the lights on, the HVAC system running, and appliances powered. It’s a necessary utility, but it can be hard to gauge how much electricity you use in a given day, especially if you have a solar system that generates some or most of your energy. By monitoring your energy consumption regularly, you are able to determine how much you use on a daily basis and how much is needed during power outages so you don’t fall short.

The Savant Power System platform helps you control the technology throughout your home, while its power features seamlessly integrate with a variety of smart energy products. It gives you more control and information about your home’s electricity, ensuring you’re always prepared and in control of your energy use. Keep reading to see how Savant power benefits your Sonoma, CA, home.

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1. Access Your Energy Panel Right On Your Phone

Savant’s panel turns your fuse box into a smart product. It monitors the energy sent to different appliances, lights, and outlets so you can see the breakdown of your home’s consumption. It also allows you to see and control your fuse box from your phone. For example, you’ll be able to see what circuits are on and the consumption of appliances on those circuits. And it eliminates the guessing when a fuse is tripped - you’ll be able to see the exact breaker in question through the app.

2. Set Energy Scenes

You can set scenes with smart lights and shades, so why not with energy? Energy scenes allow you to easily direct energy to needed areas so you can perform important tasks. In addition, it helps lower your usage by turning off certain outlets or appliances so that there’s enough energy for the essentials, especially during power outages.

3. Check Your Energy Dashboard

The Savant energy dashboard provides tons of key information about your electricity and how your home is using it. The dashboard will show you how much energy your house has consumed, trends in your usage, and the major consumers. This vital information gives you a heads up on how your utility bills will be and shows what areas you can reduce consumption.

4. Great for Energy Independence

Having solar panels on your home is a great way to rely less on the electric grid, save money on utilities, and help the environment. Savant’s power dashboard will show you how much energy you’ve generated and where your energy is coming from, whether it’s the grid, solar, or battery. The insights from the energy dashboard helps ensure that you don’t have to rely on the grid for your energy.

5. Prepare With Storm Watch

There’s nothing worse than a storm leaving your home without power and not being sure when the power grid will be restored. Savant helps you prevent this by continuously monitoring the weather. If it detects an incoming storm, it will make sure your backup battery is charged and eliminate non-essential loads so that you can power the essentials.

The rest of your home in Sonoma, CA, is smart, so your energy should be too. If you’re ready to take advantage of Savant power’s monitoring capabilities, contact Summit Technology Group! We’ll help get you in control of your power.

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