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A Smart & Seamless Way to Illuminate Your Home

A Smart & Seamless Way to Illuminate Your Home

Remote Light Control Lights the Way to New Possibilities on Your Property

The concept of home “lighting control” was very different 30 years ago than it is today. Whereas dimmers with knobs were commonplace in homes, smart lighting control was not. In fact, the idea of controlling your lights via a smartphone app or tablet wasn’t even on the radar in the early 90s – that’s because phone apps and tablets didn’t even exist!

Now, adjusting your living room lights or any lighting system in your home is as easy as tapping a button. And with remote light control, you don’t need to get out of your seat to do it. In addition, you won’t even have to settle for the same lighting brightness or color. Set scenes for each room and every occasion. Keep reading to see how Lutron lighting, a smart lighting manufacturer, illuminates the possibilities for your home in Santa Rosa, CA.

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Yes, You Can Control Your Home with Your Voice!

Voice Control Automation Is Exemplified with and Lutron

A luxurious home experience begins with smart home automation. But it doesn’t end there! Even though it’s convenient and seamless to take command of your home’s technologies with the swipe of an icon, you may be surprised that there’s an even more seamless way to do it. For many years, Lutron has designed motorized shades and smart lighting that add a level of automation luxury for homeowners.

Recently, Lutron teamed up with – a voice control automation company – to take the in-home experience to the next level. Now, you can control every connected system in your home just by speaking to it! Keep reading to learn more about and how the company’s partnership with Lutron changes the way you interact with your home in Geyserville, CA.

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A Home That’s at Your Beck and Call

Don’t get us wrong – controlling your home via a smart home tablet or smartphone app is still “futuristic.” Most homeowners only dream of living in a home like that. And yet, even for smart homeowners, they aren’t truly experiencing the ultimate in automation. changes everything! Much like Google Assistant or Alexa, Josh obeys your verbal commands and communicates with you as you interact with your home.

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