Bring Ease to Your Lifestyle with Motorized Shading

A beautiful, spacious living room with shades on each of the two windows.

Discover the convenience and luxury of automated window treatments

Home automation and smart solutions bring exceptional luxury to homeowners’ lives in Coeur d'Alene, ID, and beyond. At the top of the list of must-have smart home innovations is motorized shading. 

Automated window treatments can do it all, whether you want to focus on aesthetics or functionality. Keep reading below to explore what’s available from Summit Technology Group and discover how this addition can bring your home into the future with home technology.

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Optimize Your Smart Home with Savant Power

A garage featuring a Savant Power panel, and an electric car charging station. 

Are You Ready for Savant Power to Make Your Home Smarter and More Efficient? 

Smart homes are the present and future of luxury living, offering homeowners the opportunity of a better, simpler, and healthier technology-driven lifestyle. Whether it is remotely managing your smart locks or turning the backyard into an entertainment oasis with just a tap, who doesn’t love what smart technology is doing for our lives?

That’s why our team of experts at Summit Technology Group believes Savant Power is such a breakthrough, and a much needed addition to smart homes in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Read on to learn more about Savant Power, how it gives you control over energy consumption at home, and the role it plays in making your place both smarter and more efficient.

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Save Big with a Reliable Electrical Service

Photo of a beautiful home with solar panels on the roof.

Earn Cash Back When You Invest In These Electrical Upgrades For Your Home!

Is your Sonoma, CA, residence running as efficiently as possible from an electrical perspective? With the rise in gas and electric prices nationwide, access to dependable electrical service can help lower energy costs if you qualify for local and federal rebates.

Summit Technology Group can help you navigate and redeem these rebates, plus help you reduce your future energy bills with our home upgrades and solutions. Keep reading to discover how our services can earn you money back!

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How Alarms, Surveillance, and Smart Solutions Create the Perfect Home Security System


Discover the components to create advanced, intuitive, user-friendly home security. 

The ideal home security system comprises more than one component, with every working part coming together to keep your Coeur d'Alene, ID, home safe and secure. The home automation industry boasts fantastic technological advancements in this respect, and the team at Summit Technology Group looks forward to sharing them with you! 

Keep reading to learn more about how we develop security solutions tailored to our clients and which aspects are part of a superior security system. 

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The Incredible Advantages of Solar Panels for Residential Use

Beautiful home with solar panels on the roof and a bright blue sky beyond.

Do you have solar panels for your home? Talk to us and discover the excellent benefits they provide! 

Solar panels and solar-powered homes and businesses are appearing everywhere these days. As humans explore and embrace the many perks that come from utilizing solar panels, we can't help but encourage our clients to read up on all the benefits that come with putting panels into action. 

Summit Technology Group can guide you through the solar panel process for your Santa Rosa, CA, home. Keep reading to find out if solar panels are right for you, and learn about their various benefits!

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5 Services a Professional Electrician Company Can Provide


From Lighting Design to Generator Installation, Summit Technology Group Is Here to Help

Electricity is the lifeline of any home. It helps keep all your essential appliances running to ensure your house is healthy and safe. However, electricity can also be very fickle and will occasionally need upgrades and repairs. Having an electrician that you can call for a variety of services, including maintenance, repairs, and installing new solutions, is crucial. If you’re looking for an “electrician near me” in Sonoma, CA, search no further! Check out just a few of the services Summit Technology Group can perform at your home.

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The Benefits of a Standby or Whole Home Generator

A standby generator installed by the side of a house.

Work with a Licensed Generator Company to Ensure Your Home & Family Are Safe During a Power Outage

As is human nature, many of us respond to an emergency only after it’s occurred. After all, life gets busy. One of the areas we're particularly prone to this form of procrastination concerns backup power. Our lights are usually on, and the electricity is running, and it's only when a storm comes through, or Idaho Power proactively turns off the power that we begin to think about our options. 

The good news is that a backup generator provides reliable power to your appliances, offering an easy solution to the occasional power outage. At Summit Technology Group, we’re here to help you select the right generator for your unique needs and professionally install it.

Let’s explore the options for your home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and how a generator company can help.

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The Benefits of Smart Lighting Control

 The outside of a modern home featuring Lutron lights.

Add Comfort, Convenience, and Value to Your Clients’ Homes with Smart Lighting Control 

Architects, designers, and general contractors understand the importance of creating comfortable, attractive, and efficient living spaces. That is why in all of your projects in Sonoma, CA, the furniture, finishes, and layouts are a unique reflection of each client. The same is true of lighting control systems, which should be installed to enhance the character of every space in a smart home. 

Working with Summit Technology Group means you will no longer need to worry about a project’s smart home systems, lighting control included. Instead, we will install, automate, and integrate these systems for you, ensuring they meet your work standards. But what exactly can smart lights, switches, and control interfaces do for you? 

Keep reading this blog to learn how automated lighting control solutions add comfort, convenience, and value to your clients’ smart homes. 

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The Benefits of Installing a Vehicle Charger

A white car and an electric vehicle charging station in a home’s garage.

Choosing the Right Charger for Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles offer several advantages over conventional vehicles. Besides being environmentally friendly, electric cars are also less expensive to drive. According to Duke Energy, the cost to fully charge a 60-kWh EV with over 230 miles of range at home is less than $8, a far cry from the current prices at the gas pumps. 

The cost to maintain an EV is generally much lower, and federal tax credits provide significant incentives. These may be a few reasons why EV sales doubled year-over-year in 2021, according to S&P Global. 

Many EV drivers charge their car when they’re out shopping at the supermarket or shopping and dining at malls. Eventually, their minds turn to the convenience of charging their car at home by installing a vehicle charger. 

At Summit Technology Group, we’re a team of electricians, integrators, and technicians who understand energy, electricity, and the smart technology that transforms lifestyles. We're experts and uniquely qualified to install all electrical vehicle chargers. Let’s explore what this means to homeowners with EVs in Santa Rosa, CA. 

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Inspire Your Clients With Tailormade Lighting Solutions

 A bathroom featuring a Lutron ceiling light bar and other light fixtures. 

Let Us Help You Craft More Comfortable, Efficient Living Spaces

The future is upon us, and homeowners across Coeur d'Alene, ID, demand smarter, better residential technology solutions. For local architects and designers, staying on top of these technologies is often the difference between securing a project or not. One of the areas where we have seen the most significant change is lighting control. 

Over the last twenty years, lights have evolved from store-bought light bulbs managed by on-wall switches to smart, self-adjusting, app-integrated and automated fixtures and intuitive interfaces. With so much change, how can you stay on top of all the latest products and technology trends? 

At Summit Technology Group, smart lighting is an integral aspect of all our projects, and we partner with industry professionals to bring clients across Idaho the future of light! 

If you or your clients are thinking about an upgrade, here are some of the advantages to installing smart lights at home. 

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Streamline Home Management with Smart Home Control

Control4 touchscreen in luxurious kitchen.

Access and Adjust Your Entire Home from One Dashboard

Smart home technology was created to make home life easier. It streamlines tedious adjustable things throughout the home, such as lights and shades. Additionally, you can check on the status of other technologies, such as climate and security. However, when your home contains numerous smart home solutions and technologies, it can take a lot of work to manage your home. 

Smart home control is a truly luxurious technology that integrates all smart solutions into one easy-to-use platform. Check out how a platform like Control4 can elevate your Santa Rosa, CA, home and lifestyle.

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3 Ways a Solar Battery Backup Can Benefit You

An Enphase backup battery installation.

Save Money and Stress With This Reliable Energy Source

Are you a California homeowner fed up with increasing utility costs, unplanned power outages, and general unreliability from traditional energy sources? Do you fear the disruption of environmental events such as storms, wildfires, and extreme heat that cause rolling blackouts, higher utility costs, and prolonged outages?

Using traditional energy from the utility company may have made your Sonoma, CA, home vulnerable to these concerns. However, homeowners with solar battery backup systems are able to power through these challenging scenarios while keeping their lights on.

Continue reading to learn three ways a solar battery backup could benefit you.

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Santa is Coming. Let’s Get Him on Camera!

 A dog biting a Santa cap is identified by’s video analytics technology.

A Security Camera Installation Is the Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Smart Home 

There is no time like the holidays for homeowners in Coeur d’Alene, ID, to purchase or upgrade their smart homes. When doing so, their choices are simple. To wait for Santa to deliver the perfect technology system or ask Summit Technology Group to design and install it for them. 

Whether you are looking to catch him coming down the chimney or want to deter porch pirates from stealing your latest Amazon order, a security camera installation is the perfect gift for you and your family. But how exactly will your smart home benefit from state-of-the-art surveillance during the holidays? 

Read on to learn how high-end cameras and a professional installation protect your loved ones and keep potential threats at bay. Whether you let Santa in or not, that’s entirely up to you!  

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Bring More Beauty and Fun to Your Home This Holiday Season


Smart Home Automation Offers Effortless Control of Lighting and Entertainment

That time of year has arrived to Healdsburg, CA! Soon, friends and family will arrive at our doorsteps, and holiday parties will be in full swing. While it's a great time of year, it can also bring increased stress with more on our to-do plate than time allows. This year, consider taking some of the pressure off with a smart home automation system.  At Summit Technology Group, we partner with Control4 and Lutron, leaders in home and lighting automation. Together, we can make your holidays more enjoyable. Let’s look at how these systems can help you get through the season of giving with your holiday spirit intact.

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Keep the Power on Throughout the Holidays and Beyond


A Battery Storage System Saves Solar Power for When You Need It the Most

We know it’s hard to imagine, but the holidays are upon us. Before we know it, family and friends will be gathering for celebrations that last long into the evenings. Are you ready? One of the aspects homeowners may only consider once it's too late is the power that keeps the lights, heat, and entertainment up and running.

In addition to extreme weather events, power outages can occur when PGE proactively turns off electricity in the interest of public safety. Of course, sometimes it’s simply mechanical failures, like in May 2022, when 1,500 homes and businesses lost power in Santa Rosa after an underground cable failed. Statewide rotating power outages may also become more common as temperatures rise and create more frequent extreme heat events.

The good news is that integrating a battery storage system into your Santa Rosa, CA, home can keep your home up and running, reduce your reliance on the power grid, and lower your energy bills. Let’s explore the makings of a battery storage system.

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Take Advantage of Solar Tax Credits Before the Year is Over


Does Your Solar Panel System Make You Eligible for Savings?

A solar panel system on your home in the North Bay, CA, comes with many benefits including energy independence, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money on your utilities. Your solar panels may be able to save you even more money if you’re eligible for a solar tax credit! Keep reading to learn more about available solar tax credits and to see if you’re eligible for a tax return credit next tax season.

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The Perks of Professional Thermostat Wiring In Your New Build

A woman using her Savant Multistat.

Save Energy With A Professionally Installed Smart Thermostat

In the past, thermostats did nothing more than monitor your home’s temperature and homeowners had to constantly set and adjust it manually. However, advancements in technology have made such thermostats a thing of the past. Now, you can equip your home with smart thermostats for intelligent climate control.

Smart thermostats make it easier for homeowners to control their home’s temperature and reduce their energy consumption as well. Working with a technology and energy company with years of experience in professional thermostat wiring provides the best of both worlds: connection to the best brands in smart technology and wiring expertise. Keep reading to find out how working with a professional technology company can benefit your new home in Coeur D’Alene, ID.

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5 Ways Savant Power Helps You Manage Your Energy


Monitor and Control Your Energy Consumption Throughout Your Home

Homes rely on steady electricity to keep the lights on, the HVAC system running, and appliances powered. It’s a necessary utility, but it can be hard to gauge how much electricity you use in a given day, especially if you have a solar system that generates some or most of your energy. By monitoring your energy consumption regularly, you are able to determine how much you use on a daily basis and how much is needed during power outages so you don’t fall short.

The Savant Power System platform helps you control the technology throughout your home, while its power features seamlessly integrate with a variety of smart energy products. It gives you more control and information about your home’s electricity, ensuring you’re always prepared and in control of your energy use. Keep reading to see how Savant power benefits your Sonoma, CA, home.

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Keep Your Smart Home Running Like Clockwork This Holiday Season

Keep Your Smart Home Running Like Clockwork This Holiday Season

3 Tips for Achieving Whole Home Automation and Integration in Your Smart Home

In a way, smart homes function as the human body does. They are a collection of systems working in unison. When one fails, the rest can suffer. With the holiday season upon us, is your home ready for some fun?

At Summit Technology Group, whole home automation is the goal for our residential projects in Healdsburg, CA. To achieve it, we collaborate with architects, designers, and GCs to turn our clients’ smart home dreams into a reality.

From security and surveillance to access and lighting control systems, we know your home works best when its technology is designed, installed, and monitored by professionals.

Here are three tips for achieving full system integration and automation in your own home.

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It's Wildfire Season – Are Your Power Outage Solutions Ready?

It's Wildfire Season – Are Your Power Outage Solutions Ready?

Prepare for Power Loss With These Solutions

Over the past decade, California has become a spark plug for wildfires throughout the dry summer and fall months. If you live in the Glen Ellen, CA area, you should be prepared for power outages due to PSPS or wildfire.

Losing power during wildfire season doesn't necessarily mean you're in immediate danger. Local power companies will shut down power lines that pass through high fire-threat areas to prevent igniting new fires. However, this practice means you could be without power fordays or even weeks during wildfire season. But no worries! With our power outage solutions, you can maintain a luxurious lifestyle even through an extended loss of power. Keep reading our blog to discover your options!

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