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4 Features You Can Find in the Best Home Theater Designs

A luxury home theater displaying a western movie.

Create the best entertainment experience with innovative tech solutions!

What is the secret to creating the best home theater design? For some, it might be high-fidelity audio. For others, it's all about having a larger-than-life display. At Summit Technology Group, however, we believe it's about creating a comprehensive setup that truly immerses you in your favorite entertainment. These setups ofter require integrating not only the best AV solutions, but smart home systems that bring it all together and make the entire room more intuitive and enjoyable. 

Join us in this blog as we explore the unique features of every luxury home theater in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Let's dive in!

5 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Home's Electrical Wiring ASAP


Call the Experts in Home Wiring Services and Protect your High-End Devices

Upgrading your home's electrical wiring might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering home improvements, but it's a crucial step for ensuring safety, efficiency, and future-proofing your living space. As homes age, the wiring systems within them can become outdated and potentially hazardous. This not only poses risks to the safety of the household but also affects the overall performance of electrical devices.

Now that technology is present in more spaces in our homes and daily lives, the demand for electricity has significantly increased, and having a robust and modern electrical system is more important than ever. Whether you're experiencing frequent electrical issues, planning a major renovation, or simply looking to enhance your home's functionality, modernizing your wiring system offers numerous benefits. 

Let’s explore these benefits together and discover why trusting professional home wiring services to upgrade your electrical wiring is essential for any modern home in Santa Rosa, CA.

3 Types of Families That Need Home Solar Energy Systems ASAP

The image shows a large white building with a slanted roof covered in solar panels. The building is surrounded by dense greenery, including trees and vines growing up the walls.

Is Your Household in Desperate Need of This Eco-Friendly Energy Solution?

Adopting home solar energy systems has grown in popularity in the past few years, and for good reason. As technology advances and the cost of solar panels decreases, more families in Sonoma, CA, are considering the switch to renewable energy. While everyone can benefit in one way or another from the many benefits of these solutions, some households are already leading lifestyles that demand solar energy. 

Are you unsure if your family is one of those who should embrace solar power as soon as possible? Keep reading our blog to learn how these systems can positively impact your daily life.

4 Reasons You Need Outdoor Lighting Control Right Now

A modern, single-story house with a large patio and a swimming pool illuminated by a well-landscaped yard with outdoor lighting.

Discover How This Smart Technology Can Transform Your Summer!

The summer season is everyone’s favorite time to go outdoors and enjoy clear skies, birds chirping, and the nice smell of freshly cut grass. But what happens when the sun sets and the inviting warmth of the sun gets replaced by the chilly wind of the evening? For most people, this means it’s time to go back inside and forget about the beauty of nature. For the luxury homeowner, however, the fun doesn’t have to stop when dusk arrives! 

With outdoor lighting control, your summer evenings can be transformed into something magical. With the soft glow of strategically placed lights, illuminate your backyard for delightful outdoor dining, entertaining, relaxation, and even stargazing.

Let's explore how innovative outdoor lighting control solutions can elevate your summer nights and make every moment spent in your Sonoma, CA, outdoor space truly special.

Future-Proof Your Home with the Right Electrical Wiring

A technician does an in-wall electrical wiring installation.

Plan Your Electrical Solutions for Future Technology Upgrades!

As our homes become increasingly interconnected and reliant on technology, one area you should never neglect is proper electrical wiring. From smart home devices that simplify daily tasks to high-powered home theater systems that bring entertainment to your spaces, the need for a robust electrical infrastructure is greater than ever. 

Planning your electric wiring to accommodate emerging technologies ensures not only the seamless integration of these innovations but also the safety and efficiency of your home. Let's explore why forward-thinking electrical planning is essential to keeping up with the evolving tech landscape and how to ensure your Coeur d’Alene, ID, home remains future-proof.

The Truth About Solar Energy: 6 Common Myths Debunked

A luxury home with solar panels installed on the ceiling with the Summit Technology logo overlaid on the sky.

Learn the Real Deal About This Renewable Energy Solution!

Solar energy, once a niche technology, has grown in popularity in recent years, and it is now one of the main sources of power for hundreds of families and businesses in Santa Rosa, CA. However, despite the widespread adoption of this renewable energy solution, many myths and misconceptions still exist that often deter people from integrating solar energy into their homes.

At Summit Technology Group, we want you to know the real deal about this technology so you can make an informed decision regarding the energy source that powers your home. Join us in today's blog as we debunk these common myths!


How Electrical Panel Upgrades Can Enhance Your Home Automation System

A well-lit home with a white car parked in the driveway next to an EV charger.

Your Smart Home Also Benefits from Better Electrical Solutions!

Leading a simpler, more enjoyable lifestyle is easy when you take advantage of the magic of home automation. With the ability to control everything from lighting to temperature with a simple voice command or a tap on a smartphone, home automation becomes more than a luxury: it becomes a tool to enhance everyday living. However, the backbone of this modern convenience is often overlooked—the electrical panel.

An electrical panel upgrade is essential for reaching a seamless and efficient smart home experience in Sonoma, CA. Want to find out how? Keep reading!

Transition to LED Lighting: A Bright Move for California Businesses

A working space illuminated by Ketra LED lights.

Trust Us with Your Lighting Upgrade and Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly!

In a significant stride toward sustainable and eco-friendly business practices, California has passed groundbreaking legislation that mandates the phasing out of fluorescent lighting in commercial properties. As companies navigate this transition, understanding the nuances of the legislation and its implications is vital for ensuring compliance and seizing the opportunity to enhance energy efficiency.

Fortunately, Summit Technology Group is an experienced electrical service provider, and we’re ready to help businesses of all kinds with lighting upgrades that adapt to this new legal landscape. By partnering with us, businesses can not only meet the new requirements but also significantly improve their operational efficiency and environmental impact. 

Join us in this blog as we explore how transitioning can help your business in Sonoma, CA, embrace a brighter, more sustainable future.

Installing a Whole-Home Generator? Here’s What You Should Know

A Kohler generator installed outside of a home.

Keep Your Home Powered, Rain or Shine!

As homeowners increasingly seek reliable solutions for power continuity, whole-home generators have become essential in ensuring that daily life proceeds smoothly during outages.  Whether caused by natural disasters or utility issues, power interruptions are not uncommon in Coeur d’Alene, ID, and it can be a significant inconvenience at best and a risk to your family’s safety at worst. 

Luckily, a whole-home generator with an automatic transfer switch offers a seamless transition to backup power, keeping your essential appliances and systems running without interruption. Here’s what you should know about the installation of these powerful systems before diving into getting one.

Upgrade Your Home with Solar Panels: 5 Things You Need to Know

A white house with a gray roof and a solar panel on top. The house is surrounded by bushes and trees.

What You Need to Know Before Your Home’s Solar Panel Upgrade

Finding more sustainable ways to power our homes is not only environmentally responsible but also a financially savvy decision. For this reason, more and more homeowners in Sonoma, CA, are integrating solar panels into their homes. Harnessing the power of the sun allows them to generate their own electricity, leading to a greener lifestyle and potentially saving on energy bills. Have you been thinking about upgrading your home with a solar panel installation? Then today’s blog is perfect for you!

Let’s explore together the main things you should consider if you want to invest in this energy solution and discover the benefits of a solar panel upgrade

Are You In Need of an EV Charger for Your Home?


Get the Most Out of Your EV With a Level 2 Residential Charger 

The electric vehicle revolution is finally here. 1.6 million EVs were sold in the United States in 2023, a 60% increase from 2022. It shouldn’t surprise residents of Santa Rosa, CA, and the surrounding areas, considering California leads the way in the US with a 16.2% adoption rate. That’s largely due to state incentives and regulations aiming to phase out gasoline-powered cars by 2035. 

These incentives include rebates when purchasing or leasing an EV and a commitment to building EV charging infrastructure throughout the state. Part of the convenience of having an electric vehicle is being able to charge it at home, which is why California is also offering incentives to install residential EV charging stations.

This blog highlights the benefits of having a charging station in the comfort of your home, who can help you with this installation, and local incentives available to you.  

5 Signs That Your Home Needs an Electrical Wiring Upgrade ASAP

A group of wires inside the walls of a house.

Don’t Risk Your Family’s Comfort, Well-Being, and Safety!

Every home in Sonoma, CA, relies on a robust electrical system to power everything from daily appliances to sophisticated smart home technologies. Ensuring that your electrical wiring is up-to-date is crucial not only for operational efficiency but also for the safety of your household. If you want to avoid serious risks of outdated or faulty wiring, it is essential to contact a professional team for your electrical wiring needs as soon as possible. 

But how can you know exactly when it is time to make this upgrade? Let’s dive into this blog to find out!

From Fuses to Future: Modernizing Your Sonoma Home's Electrical Box


Check out why upgrades are essential!

Electricity is the invisible heartbeat of our homes, powering everything from the smallest gadget to the most critical appliances. Yet this constant flow of energy is harnessed and managed by a component often overlooked until trouble arises: the electrical box. For homeowners in Santa Rosa and other areas in Sonoma County, modernizing this essential feature can be the key to ensuring safety, efficiency, and readiness for the future.

Join us in this blog as we explore the unparalleled benefits an electrical box replacement can bring to your home. Let’s dive in!

Top Tips for Designing Your Dream Home Theater System Installation

luxury home theater showing a Kaleidescape menu screen

High-Performance AV Systems Make Your Entertainment More Exciting

Movie and sports fans, video game fanatics, and TV bingers alike can attest to the excitement of premium home entertainment. Even if you’re a passive viewer, updating your existing setup by installing a custom-designed home theater system is the ultimate lifestyle enhancement you can invite your friends and family over to enjoy!

Taking your Coeur d'Alene entertainment setup to the next level is a breeze when you partner with a home theater design team like Summit Technology Group to bring the magic of cinema into the comfort of your home. Here’s your guide to creating a tailor-made, immersive home theater experience—keep reading!

3 Ways Solar Panel Installations Help You Stay on Budget

A Summit Technology Group technician installs a solar panel on a roof.

Leading a Green Life Is Also Pocket-Friendly!

As more and more families in Sonoma, CA, start looking for sustainable and cost-effective living, solar panel installations have surged in popularity. These eco-friendly powerhouses not only reduce our carbon footprint but also offer a significant advantage in managing household budgets. Solar energy harnesses the power of the sun to provide clean, renewable electricity, cutting down our reliance on traditional power grids and, by extension, our monthly energy expenses. 

At Summit Technology Group, we specialize in bringing this innovative technology to your doorstep, customizing solutions that fit the unique needs of your home. Read on to discover how this investment can be a game-changer for your household finances.

Smart Lighting Revolution: Illuminating Your Sonoma Home

An elegant kitchen brightly illuminated by Ketra.

Discover All the Perks This Technology Can Bring to Your Spaces!

The impact of lighting on the atmosphere and functionality of a home cannot be overstated. Traditional lighting systems, while functional, often come with limitations that hinder the full potential of lighting in our living spaces. Luckily, smart lighting systems have emerged as a solution to enhance the way we live, work, and interact with our surroundings. 

From making your home more aesthetically pleasing to bringing more wellness and comfort to your daily life, this blog dives into the many benefits of smart lighting that are revolutionizing the homes of thousands of families in Sonoma, CA. Keep reading to explore the possibilities!

Why Electrical Pre-Wire Is Key to Future-Proof Your Home

A technician for Summit Technology Group works on an electrical wiring installation.

Make sure your new home is ready for everything that’s to come!

Building a new home is an exciting endeavor, and it presents an ideal opportunity to plan for the future. While considering the layout, design, and functionality of your new space, it is important to also think about the technology that will enhance your lifestyle. One essential aspect often overlooked is electrical pre-wire. Pre-wiring your new home can significantly impact its versatility and functionality, allowing you to be prepared for future technological advancements and upgrades without the need for major renovations.

Keep reading this blog to explore the unique benefits of this service and how it can be a game-changer for any future renovations you do to your Coeur d’Alene, ID, home.

From Grapes to Gadgets: Powering Your Sonoma Vineyard with Solar Energy

Green leaves on a vineyard in California.

Keep Your Winemaking Operations Sustainable!

The lush vineyards of Sonoma are not only a testament to the region's winemaking heritage but also a fertile ground for embracing sustainable practices. As the world looks towards renewable energy sources, vineyards in Santa Rosa, CA, are harnessing the power of the sun to not only produce exceptional wines but also to power their operations and tasting rooms, making the entire process more sustainable.

In this blog, we will explore the myriad benefits of solar battery backup and explore how this eco-friendly power source can enhance vineyard operations and create inviting, sustainable tasting experiences.

Backup Generators: Combining Comfort and Safety During Power Outages

A Kohler backup generator in a backyard.

Don't Worry About Losing Power Ever Again!

Imagine this: a fierce storm hits, and suddenly, your entire neighborhood plunges into darkness. Your home, once a beacon of warmth and light, is now cold and shadowed. This is a scenario far too familiar for many in Sonoma, CA, and it is usually when everything fails that we remember the critical need for a reliable power source. Backup generators are not just a tool for convenience we should have at hand; they are a necessity for ensuring both comfort and safety during unexpected power outages.

But how do these solutions work, and how can they truly ensure your family keeps enjoying the lifestyle they’re used to? Let’s dive in to find out!

Master Light with Lutron Lighting Control


Home Lighting, Redefined

Imagine having the power to transform your home's ambiance at the touch of a button, voice command, or a simple app tap. That's the magic of Lutron's scalable lighting control solutions, crafted to enrich your living experience in California's wine country. Whether setting the mood for a cozy evening, optimizing natural light during the day, or ensuring your home's security, Lutron's innovative systems offer unparalleled control and customization. Let's explore how Lutron brings convenience, style, and smart technology to every corner of your Sonoma home.

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