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A Guide to Discover the Best Backup Power Option for Your Home

An Enphase battery storage system in an open garage

Backup Generators vs. Battery Storage: Which One Works Best for You?

Living in Sonoma, CA, means enjoying idyllic landscapes and a rhythm of life set by vineyards and rolling hills. Unfortunately, challenges are also lurking in this beautiful part of the country. California is one of the states where power outages are more likely to occur. Whether caused by storms, wildfires, or other unforeseen circumstances, these disruptions can have cascading effects on daily life. If you want to keep the smooth flow of your smart life even when the power grid falters, installing cutting-edge backup power solutions is essential.

When it comes to backup power, there are two main solutions you can choose from: backup generators and battery storage. While these are both excellent options to ensure your home is always powered, they both have pros and cons to take into account. Keep reading this blog to find out which one fits better into your unique home!

Do You Really Need Backup Power for Your Home?

Do You Really Need Backup Power for Your Home?

How a Backup Generator Gives You Peace of Mind When the Power Goes Out

Few things in life are constant. In fact, if there’s one thing you can expect, it’s change. But that’s not all bad, especially when you can prepare in advance. Having a backup generator helps you prepare for inevitable power shortages that happen due to storms and brownouts. These electrical “changes” can certainly disrupt your life. But with backup power, you’ll never worry even while others are scurrying around trying to deal with the situation.

Still, you may ask yourself, “Is it necessary to have a backup generator at my home?” Fair question because a generator isn’t for everyone. In this blog, we’ll explain why it may be a good idea to have backup power at your home in Glen Ellen, CA, or the surrounding area.

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