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Smart Lighting Revolution: Illuminating Your Sonoma Home

An elegant kitchen brightly illuminated by Ketra.

Discover All the Perks This Technology Can Bring to Your Spaces!

The impact of lighting on the atmosphere and functionality of a home cannot be overstated. Traditional lighting systems, while functional, often come with limitations that hinder the full potential of lighting in our living spaces. Luckily, smart lighting systems have emerged as a solution to enhance the way we live, work, and interact with our surroundings. 

From making your home more aesthetically pleasing to bringing more wellness and comfort to your daily life, this blog dives into the many benefits of smart lighting that are revolutionizing the homes of thousands of families in Sonoma, CA. Keep reading to explore the possibilities!

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Summit Technology Group Is Now a Lutron Diamond Dealer!

Summit Technology Group Is Now a Lutron Diamond Dealer!

Discover What a Trusted Lutron Dealer Can Do for Your Smart Home Experience

Sometimes, a title means everything. For example, if you worked hard to earn your medical degree, you want to be referred to as “Doctor.” Likewise, those who joined the armed forces are known for their titles, such as sergeant, colonel, and general. The same is true in the smart home technology industry. It’s important to earn titles and awards to set a company apart from competitors.

At Summit Technology Group, we are proud of our newest title: Lutron Diamond Dealer. It not only means a lot to us, but it also adds more value to the services we provide for our clients in the North Bay, CA. Keep reading to see what you can expect from an experienced and credentialed Lutron dealer.

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A Smart & Seamless Way to Illuminate Your Home

A Smart & Seamless Way to Illuminate Your Home

Remote Light Control Lights the Way to New Possibilities on Your Property

The concept of home “lighting control” was very different 30 years ago than it is today. Whereas dimmers with knobs were commonplace in homes, smart lighting control was not. In fact, the idea of controlling your lights via a smartphone app or tablet wasn’t even on the radar in the early 90s – that’s because phone apps and tablets didn’t even exist!

Now, adjusting your living room lights or any lighting system in your home is as easy as tapping a button. And with remote light control, you don’t need to get out of your seat to do it. In addition, you won’t even have to settle for the same lighting brightness or color. Set scenes for each room and every occasion. Keep reading to see how Lutron lighting, a smart lighting manufacturer, illuminates the possibilities for your home in Santa Rosa, CA.

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How to Manage & Monitor Energy Usage in Your Home

Take Advantage of Smart Technology to Improve Home Energy Management

Most homeowners want to save energy. It not only helps the environment, but an energy-efficient home is a more comfortable space. In addition, saving energy equates to saving money! But doing it involves a lot more than turning off the lights when you leave a room or manually adjusting your thermostat. The most effective home energy management starts with smart technology.

Technologies such as lighting automation, motorized shades, and smart indoor climate control help you save bundles on your energy bill as well as reduce your carbon footprint. Would you like to learn how to enjoy an energy-conscious lifestyle in Healdsburg, CA? Keep reading below!

SEE MORE: Enjoy Solar Tax Credits & Freedom from Rolling Blackouts 

Waste Not, Want Not! 

It’s nothing new that Americans waste more than other countries in the world. But we are also a country that gives more to those who are less fortunate. Still, reducing waste should be a priority because it leaves us even more to give and save! Your home’s energy efficiency starts with cutting back on waste. Here are three ways to start: lighting, shades, and heat and AC.

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