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Keep Your Business Running with Commercial Generators

Why You Need a Backup Generator for Your Company in California

Imagine this: it’s a packed Friday evening at your restaurant. You’re serving delicious food, guests are having a great time, and the live music is adding even more flair to the ambiance. And then it happens. The power goes out! Unfortunately, this isn’t a farfetched situation. It’s happened to thousands of businesses throughout the Santa Rosa, CA, area.

Even though we live in a beautiful state, it’s become commonplace to have inconvenient and costly power outages. So, how do you get ahead of this problem if you’re an owner or manager of a restaurant, grocery store, office, retail store, or medical facility? The answer: commercial generators. Keep reading to see why you need one on your property.

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Don’t Lose Time and Money

When your business loses power, it loses money. In fact, E Source performed a study that found businesses throughout the United States lose $27 billion every year from power outages. If the power is out at your business, everything shuts down – whether it’s the refrigerators at your restaurant, shopping transactions, or even medical equipment. A backup generator keeps the power on even when the main source of power is out. In a split second, your commercial generator switches on, so business operations never grind to a halt – and you won’t lose revenue.

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