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The Futuristic Features of Remote Access Security

Want to Have a More Secure Business? Here’s How!

How much traffic do you have in your business each day? Whether you manage a retail store, a restaurant, or an office building in Napa Valley, CA, it’s likely your doors open and close more times than you can count! If you’re concerned about security, it’s not easy to monitor everyone who enters your building – unless you have an access control system. You’ll always feel safe and secure with this smart security system.

Unlike older access control products, the newest ones are technologically advanced. There are many ways to implement the system, from PIN codes and keycards to convenient key fobs and futuristic biometric security. Best of all, remote access control lets you manage everything from your office, home, or miles away. Read our blog to learn more about several smart access control solutions.

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Who Needs a Key?

In a world of smart technology, using a key to unlock your doors has become nearly obsolete. Many luxury homes and businesses use a keyless entry system. That doesn’t mean you keep your doors unlocked. Instead, employees enter your doors using keycards (like a credit card) or key fobs (a small device that’s about the size of a coin). Then, when they approach the door, they simply wave the device at a scanner, and the door unlocks. No need for keys or security guards.

Key fobs and cards are also useful for interior spaces. For instance, if you have executive offices on the top floor, you can program the doors to unlock for authorized personnel. You can also use remote access security to restrict access to your office from a remote location – any time day or night. Simply click an icon on your computer or a mobile building automation device to lock down an area.


Type in Your PIN Code

Perhaps a PIN-code access control system is better for your business. After all, everybody forgets their keys, keycards, or key fobs at some point. When your business is protected with a PIN-code system, you’ll never worry about losing a “key.” Each employee is assigned a specific PIN code to unlock doors.

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