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Optimize Your Smart Home with Savant Power

A garage featuring a Savant Power panel, and an electric car charging station. 

Are You Ready for Savant Power to Make Your Home Smarter and More Efficient? 

Smart homes are the present and future of luxury living, offering homeowners the opportunity of a better, simpler, and healthier technology-driven lifestyle. Whether it is remotely managing your smart locks or turning the backyard into an entertainment oasis with just a tap, who doesn’t love what smart technology is doing for our lives?

That’s why our team of experts at Summit Technology Group believes Savant Power is such a breakthrough, and a much needed addition to smart homes in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Read on to learn more about Savant Power, how it gives you control over energy consumption at home, and the role it plays in making your place both smarter and more efficient.

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5 Ways Savant Power Helps You Manage Your Energy


Monitor and Control Your Energy Consumption Throughout Your Home

Homes rely on steady electricity to keep the lights on, the HVAC system running, and appliances powered. It’s a necessary utility, but it can be hard to gauge how much electricity you use in a given day, especially if you have a solar system that generates some or most of your energy. By monitoring your energy consumption regularly, you are able to determine how much you use on a daily basis and how much is needed during power outages so you don’t fall short.

The Savant Power System platform helps you control the technology throughout your home, while its power features seamlessly integrate with a variety of smart energy products. It gives you more control and information about your home’s electricity, ensuring you’re always prepared and in control of your energy use. Keep reading to see how Savant power benefits your Sonoma, CA, home.

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