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Optimize Your Smart Home with Savant Power

A garage featuring a Savant Power panel, and an electric car charging station. 

Are You Ready for Savant Power to Make Your Home Smarter and More Efficient? 

Smart homes are the present and future of luxury living, offering homeowners the opportunity of a better, simpler, and healthier technology-driven lifestyle. Whether it is remotely managing your smart locks or turning the backyard into an entertainment oasis with just a tap, who doesn’t love what smart technology is doing for our lives?

That’s why our team of experts at Summit Technology Group believes Savant Power is such a breakthrough, and a much needed addition to smart homes in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Read on to learn more about Savant Power, how it gives you control over energy consumption at home, and the role it plays in making your place both smarter and more efficient.

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The Power of Savant Power

In a nutshell, Savant Power Systems are designed to make your home’s electrical panels smarter, resulting in more flexible and efficient power management. How would this system work on your property? 

First, we will install a Savant Power Module on your electrical panels. This module instantly makes any panel more responsive, giving you the option to remotely manage energy consumption across your home with just a tap! Next, we will integrate backup power sources, such as generators or solar batteries, into your system, allowing you to control power distribution, or even which smart devices stay on or off during an outage. 

With Savant Power, you can also monitor performance on 20A, 30A, and 60A circuits using the Savant mobile app, changing settings in real time and distributing power where, and when needed. That’s a big improvement from dusting the generator off and turning it on by hand! 

By automating your Savant system, we can take control and convenience a step further. For example, switching to an “essentials” scene limits non-essential energy loads and keeps close track of your home’s energy consumption during outages. A “Laundry” or “Party” scene, however, would limit power to the areas where it is needed, optimizing energy consumption under regular circumstances. There is a scene for every situation, and setting it up on your own is just a few taps away!

A Smarter, More Powerful Home

With a professional installation, you can rest assured that every backup energy source and Savant Power panel will be easy to use and work to the highest standards. At Summit Technology Group, we can help and our experts are standing by and waiting for your call. Contact us today, and let’s make your place smarter and more energy efficient than ever!

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