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Save Big with a Reliable Electrical Service

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Earn Cash Back When You Invest In These Electrical Upgrades For Your Home!

Is your Sonoma, CA, residence running as efficiently as possible from an electrical perspective? With the rise in gas and electric prices nationwide, access to dependable electrical service can help lower energy costs if you qualify for local and federal rebates.

Summit Technology Group can help you navigate and redeem these rebates, plus help you reduce your future energy bills with our home upgrades and solutions. Keep reading to discover how our services can earn you money back!

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Get Your Home in Energy-Saving Shape

Making routine electrical upgrades to your home is essential for the longevity of your systems and appliances, and it ensures you aren't overspending on your bills due to inefficiency. Here are a few options from our team that will earn a substantial credit from the government or Sonoma Clean Power. 

Electric Appliances

New appliances can drastically reduce the amount of energy you use, and a certified technician can install them for you. With the potential to earn a credit of up to $840 for adding a new electric stove, who knew energy-efficient cooking could save a bundle?

You use your appliances daily, from the oven to the washer and dryer. Newer models are designed to run more efficiently, and our technicians ensure a safe and quick setup, so you can start using your new appliances immediately. 

Panel Upgrades and Rewiring

If you live in a modern, technology-driven home, you have a lot of electronics and smart home solutions to support. Outdated panels can cause sparking outlets and flickering lights and also pose a fire threat. 

Our team will troubleshoot your current issues, and if you require a complete electric panel replacement, you could earn up to $4,000 from the government. We also specialize in complete residential rewiring to accommodate high power usage. 

EV Car Charger Installation

If you own an electric vehicle, you know that nothing is more convenient than charging at home. Summit Technology Group can professionally install an EV charger that will power your car up to ten times faster than a standard 120V wall outlet. 

Our stations are safe and reliable, and we'll consult with you to help you choose the charger that best meets your needs. Not only will this access make your life easier, but it could also earn you some spending cash. 

Solar and Battery Installation

Renewable energy is all the rage; if you haven't invested yet, now is the time. What started as a practically unattainable fad is now available to all homeowners. 

Summit Technology Group is your go-to company for everything renewable, from Solar PV and backup battery installation to wind-powered solutions and ongoing maintenance and support. We all know solar can obliterate your power bill, and money back is just the icing on the cake!

Save with Summit Technology Group Today

Let us help you take advantage of the perks of new electrical and renewable energy. Call us today at (707) 542-4773 for more information!

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