3 Ways a Solar Battery Backup Can Benefit You

An Enphase backup battery installation.

Save Money and Stress With This Reliable Energy Source

Are you a California homeowner fed up with increasing utility costs, unplanned power outages, and general unreliability from traditional energy sources? Do you fear the disruption of environmental events such as storms, wildfires, and extreme heat that cause rolling blackouts, higher utility costs, and prolonged outages?

Using traditional energy from the utility company may have made your Sonoma, CA, home vulnerable to these concerns. However, homeowners with solar battery backup systems are able to power through these challenging scenarios while keeping their lights on.

Continue reading to learn three ways a solar battery backup could benefit you.

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With a solar battery backup system, your home can be more resilient to power outages by relying on personal stored power in times of need. Battery backup systems are rechargeable sources of stored energy, just like the battery used in your smartphone. Each day the sun can recharge your battery via your home’s solar panels to keep your most needed items like lights and appliances running.

Less Planning

During the extreme heat of the summer months, utility companies have tried many ways to reduce the strain on the power grid. Consumption during the afternoon until bedtime tends to spike as residents return home from work. Rolling blackouts have become the summer trend that everyone dreads, and the planning it takes to maneuver them can be stressful. 

With a solar battery backup in place, planned blackouts won’t impact your home because you can easily switch over to your stored power source and keep your appliances running.

Save Money

As mentioned earlier, some California utility companies adjust energy pricing based on time of use. During peak hours of usage, they assess a higher rate to discourage consumption and overwork the system during those hours. Time-of-use charges could be more than twice the off-peak rate, so avoiding use during those hours can put some change back in your pocket.

Having a power source to rely on during a power outage can save you substantial money. From reducing your energy bills to preventing wasting food that goes bad in a turned off refrigerator. For this reason, investing in a solar battery backup is essential for taking good care of your finances.

As solar has increased in popularity, the costs of solar systems and solar battery backups have decreased. In addition, homeowners may qualify for specific federal, state, or local government rebate or tax credit programs simply for investing in these renewable energy sources.

If you think solar battery backup is something to consider for your Sonoma, CA, home, please contact our team for more information.




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