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The Benefits of a Solar Energy Storage System for Your Smart Home

The Benefits of a Solar Energy Storage System for Your Smart Home

Keep Your Smart Home Up and Running with an Energy Storage System

In May 2022, California energy officials issued a warning, preparing residents for potential blackouts as the state’s energy grid faces a possible summer shortfall. Challenges include planned power outages, wildfires that cut off transmission lines, extreme heat events, and drought.

The good news is that California leads the U.S. in generating renewable energy and is the top producer of solar and geothermal energy. More good news: At Summit Technology Group, we provide homeowners in Healdsburg, CA, with a home energy storage system that ensures they have power despite California's energy grid shortfalls.

These are easily managed and less expensive than homeowners imagine. Let's explore what they entail and how to ensure your home is up and running during an outage.

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What Is a Home Energy Storage System?

Today’s homes are reducing their reliance on failing power grids by creating energy storage systems. These systems store excess solar power in backup batteries, enabling homeowners to use the clean energy from the sun anytime, even at night or on cloudy days.

If the grid goes down, a storm causes a power outage, or you simply want to lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, you can access clean energy 24/7. And, because these batteries are smart, you're able to control your home's energy usage effortlessly through a smart mobile app. Control which circuits, devices, or appliances you want to power or use the stored energy at peak usage times to lower your utility bill.

Utility companies are using innovative rate structures, charging consumers more for energy produced during high-demand times, such as during a hot afternoon in the summer. Called time-of-use rates, they take into account the rising cost of generating electricity during peak periods. By using your stored energy at these times, you can significantly lower your electricity bill.

Managing Your Home's Energy

As renewable energy, electric, and technology experts, we know many of our clients live in smart homes. These homes rely on a steady supply of electricity to operate at their peak and control all the systems of the house, including security, lighting, heating and a/c, TVs, and more. Energy automation combines home automation and energy management. At Summit Technology Group, we partner with top brands in both tech solutions. Two of these brands are Control4 and Enphase. Now, you can control all aspects of your smart home and the energy that powers them.

The Enphase app lets you see how much energy you've made, where you're using it, and what you've saved. During an outage, you can choose what appliances receive power or let the app choose for you. You'll also receive alerts when a storm's approaching, giving you time to fully charge your battery before it hits.

At Summit Technology Group, we design and install home backup power systems. Generators and battery backup systems can offer affordable, viable options. As journeyman electricians (we are more than installers) and home automation experts, we’re uniquely qualified to create storage and energy monitoring systems that are easy to control. To learn more about home energy storage or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Summit Technology Group today.

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