We are heavily dependent on electricity as it operates our household appliances. A power outage will not just plunge your region into darkness but will render all your electric appliances useless. When your appliances get turned off, it can be potentially upsetting and, at times, even dangerous.

To help you stay safe and avoid inconvenience, we have compiled a to-do and not-do list during a power outage.


Stock Up on Water
To prepare for an announced power outage, stock enough water to last for a few days. Check with your local authorities to be sure if your water is safe to drink. If there is no way of knowing where your water comes from, boil your water to disinfect it. If a hurricane is approaching your area, it makes sense to store extra water for personal hygiene.

Unplug All Sensitive Appliances
Unplug all sensitive appliances such as computers, televisions, and microwaves after a power outage occur to prevent them from damage. Use surge protectors for these devices or have an electrician install a whole home surge protector.

Conserve Your Mobile’s Battery
Your mobile will help you stay connected to the outside world during a power outage. To make your mobile phone battery last longer, turn down the screen brightness and turn-off power-hungry applications and functions such as Bluetooth, Location Services, and WiFi. Turn off your mobile and switch it on only when you need to call someone.


Light a Candle
Candles can be a fire hazard during a power outage. Plus, they do not give off much light. Instead, use flashlights and battery-powered lanterns.

Get Too Close to Downed Power Lines
Do not get close to downed power lines as they could still be live and dangerous even if you don’t notice any imminent warning signs.

Open the Refrigerator/Freezer
Remember, there is a limited amount of cold air inside your refrigerator. If you open and close it frequently, cold air from inside will escape. To make your food last longer, keep the doors of your refrigerator shut.

Use a Generator Inside
Generators, camping stoves, and barbecues produce carbon monoxide, which is a toxic, colorless, odorless gas. If you accidentally inhale carbon monoxide, your body will replace the oxygen in your blood cells with carbon monoxide, leading to extensive tissue damage.

If your area experiences frequent power outages, it makes sense to install a generator. The Summit Technology Group team will help you choose the right generator for your home. We are a renowned generator installation company in Sonoma County. To schedule an appointment with one of our pros, call 707-542-4773.