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How Alarms, Surveillance, and Smart Solutions Create the Perfect Home Security System


Discover the components to create advanced, intuitive, user-friendly home security. 

The ideal home security system comprises more than one component, with every working part coming together to keep your Coeur d'Alene, ID, home safe and secure. The home automation industry boasts fantastic technological advancements in this respect, and the team at Summit Technology Group looks forward to sharing them with you! 

Keep reading to learn more about how we develop security solutions tailored to our clients and which aspects are part of a superior security system. 

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Home Security Specifically for You

At Summit Technology Group, we design security solutions made for each customer. We'll work alongside you to determine precisely what your home needs and assemble a system that meets them. For example, not all clients need cameras, whereas they're a non-negotiable for others. Regardless of how you want your security system to operate, we'll review perfectly executed home security elements. 


Our home surveillance cameras offer fantastic clarity and accessible footage, and of course, unparalleled peace of mind. We can place our high-performance cameras wherever you deem them necessary on your property, and if you're unsure, we can point you in the direction they'll offer the best coverage. 

From stellar resolutions to informative video analytics, you can pull up your home’s live or recorded footage from anywhere and even share them with authorities if necessary.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm system solutions provide instant notifications of potential and existing threats so you can act quickly and accordingly. Our systems also deliver comprehensive solutions that offer alerts in real-time, such as an alarm going off or if someone in your family leaves a door open. 

Our intuitive systems respond immediately, and you can effortlessly enhance your security by integrating your lights, surveillance, and audio solutions. With just the press of a button on your touchpad or mobile app, you can completely manage your home and create a space of convenience and security.

Smart Security

Finally, our professional smart technology and solutions will take your security system to the next level by allowing you to greet guests and let them into your home remotely. Never let your loved ones wait outside while you come to meet them!

When you're not home, our smart security solutions offer a way to monitor your surveillance cameras and alarm notifications, receive alerts, and lock your doors if you've forgotten. Long gone are the days of turning around on a recently embarked road trip just because you forgot to lock the back door! 

Home Security and Summit Technology Group

Let Summit Technology Group build the perfect security solution for your home. Fill out our online form or schedule a free consultation to learn more!

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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