Chances are you have at least one smart home device in your home. Nowadays most homes have multiple smart devices whether it be a smart speaker, smart plug, or smart light bulbs. You can find just about a smart version of anything these days – even salt and pepper shakers!

But just because something is labeled “smart”, doesn’t mean that is truly is. Often times homeowners install multiple smart devices over a period of time and then find that those devices create headaches instead of making life easier which is what they are supposed to do. Many times, the devices don’t talk to each other and require separate apps.

It’s safe to say that home automation is on the rise in Sonoma County. However, this means that so is the number of homeowners who think they have the necessary skills to install a variety of smart home systems instead of hiring experts to perform the install.

A smart home professional will help you choose the right smart automation system for your home. They will create a customized home automation solution to fit your unique needs and ensure that it is installed and programmed in a way that will mitigate any future issues.

Summit Technology Group understands what a headache DIY devices can cause. That is why they approach whole home automation in Sonoma County intelligently. When done correctly, a smart home enhances your lifestyle, not hinders it.

Every device (no matter how smart it is) can run into problems. This is why we provide 24/7 support so that, no matter when, your team at Summit Technology Group will be able to have the issue fixed in short order. We are also help you with routine maintenance to fix any small issues and avoid large issues from developing.

At Summit Technology Group, we are committed to making the process of turning homes into smart homes as smooth as possible. Our expertise in creating customized home automation solutions for our clients gives us a competitive edge over the competition. To make an appointment, call us at (707) 542-4773.