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5 Warning Signs Your Home May Have Electrical Problems

Around 30,000 electrical fires are reported from different parts of the country each year. These fires are estimate to cause $1.1 billion in property damage and kill more than 300 people.

Some common causes of electrical fires are faulty electrical outlets, old appliances, overloaded light fixtures, and old wiring. In most cases, homeowners notice several signs of electrical problems before an electrical fire breaks out.

Every homeowner should watch out for these red flags and take corrective action in a timely manner.

Burning Smell Any unusual burning smell near an electrical appliance could mean that there’s something amiss. Your wiring could have become so hot that it might have started burning the plastic cover. If you ignore the problem, the heat from your wiring could start a house fire.

If you notice a persistent burning smell coming from a device, stop using it and turn it off. Unplug the device, switch off the power point, and call an electrical service in Santa Rosa immediately.

Buzzing Noises Do you hear an odd buzzing noise every time you plug in an appliance or switch on your lights? There is something wrong with your wiring. Buzzing noises usually indicate faulty wiring or loose electrical connections. Turn off the power to the fixture immediately and schedule a professional inspection.

Flickering Lights Flickering lights can be more than an annoyance and may indicate a serious underlying issue with your electrical system. Some common causes of flickering lights are overloaded circuits, loose or faulty light bulbs, dated electrical wirings, and faulty light switches.

One of the most common causes of flickering lights is internal power surges. Lights flicker when some electrical appliances place a high energy demand on the electrical system of the home. These surges can damage your appliances and electrical fixtures, priming them to be potential ignition sources in the future.

Circuit Breaker Problems Circuit breakers are designed to prevent your appliances from electrical surges. When a circuit experiences overload, it trips the breaker. A circuit breaker tripping once or twice indicates that you overloaded the circuit. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence there might be a problem with your electrical system.

Unusually Hot Outlets Some appliances get hot while they’re being used, but outlets they are plugged into should never become hot. An unusually hot outlet could indicate either of the two things: faulty wiring or faulty/loose outlet. If an outlet gets hot to the touch, remove the appliance from it immediately and consult your electrician.

Does your house have a major electrical problem? Summit Technology Group can help. Our team comprises seasoned electricians serving Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. We treat the root causes of electrical problems. To schedule an electrical inspection, call (707) 542-4773.

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