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Upgrade from a Power Strip to a Whole-Home Surge Protector

Protect Your Home When Blackouts Happen with Help from Our Electrical Wiring Company

Living in California certainly has its benefits. Beautiful weather, blue oceans, idyllic beaches, and majestic mountains are some of the many pleasures we enjoy. And, if you’re a luxury homeowner, it’s likely that you also enjoy smart technologies, such as automated lighting, motorized shades, a home theater, and other luxurious creature comforts.

But here’s where your comfort and peace of mind are compromised – California’s notorious rolling blackouts. While they may seem like minor inconveniences, they can actually cause damage to your electronic devices and appliances. Keep reading to see how our electrical wiring company in Sonoma, CA, can protect your valuable equipment with a whole-home surge protector.

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Surge Protection: Not Your Average Power Strip

It’s likely that you have a power strip or several in your home. A power strip is a convenient way to plug in multiple appliances or electrical devices when you don’t have enough outlets in a certain location. But one thing to keep in mind – a power strip doesn’t necessarily include surge protection. And even if it does, it will only protect devices plugged into that particular outlet.

A true surge protector effectively protects against sudden spikes of electrical current. This occurs when a blackout happens and when the power comes back on. Surges are also caused by lightning strikes, faulty wiring, problems with the electrical company, and even turning on large electrical appliances (such as an air conditioner). Most surges do not cause immediate damage, but they can degrade your electrical system over time, reducing the life of your electronics.


Why You Need Whole-Home Surge Protection

Blackouts are common occurrences in the North Bay, as well as many other areas in California. In fact, there were 25,281 blackouts throughout the entire state in 2019. And the summer blackouts of 2021 indicate the problem is not going away any time soon. So, what does that mean for you? While you could address the issue with a whole-home generator or by installing a solar panel system with a backup battery, in the meantime, our electrical wiring company recommends a whole-home surge protector.

A whole-home surge protector – unlike a point-of-use surge protector used for one outlet or appliance – protects your entire home from dangerous and damaging power surges. It protects the AV equipment in your home theater, your sensitive smart devices, your appliances, and everything in between. Then, when there’s a blackout or lighting strike, you can rest assured that your appliances and home are safe.

Would you like to find out more about surge protectors and our electrical wiring services? Get started by calling Summit at 707-542-4773, chatting with us on this page, or filling out our online contact form to request a consultation.

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