Summit Technology Group is always on the lookout for new products and services that benefit our clients. That’s part of the reason why we’ve been in business for over 50 years. Today is no different. STG is excited to announce that we are now offering full design services, including lighting design.

The decision to offer lighting design came easy to us. After decades of installing lights and electrical work, we came to the realization that good lighting design can enhance lifestyles and even improve health and wellness so they should be readily available to everyone.

Imagine reading your favorite glossy magazine without harsh glare from a lamp. Or switching seamlessly from bright task lighting in the kitchen while you chop vegetables to warm ambient lighting during dinner. The right lighting can help you do better, know better and feel better.

Are you interested in learning how lighting design can enhance your lifestyle and even improve your health and wellness? With our four step process, we make it easy. We offer three packages allowing you to choose the one that fits your project the best – from basic design to custom bespoke.


During Phase 1, we DISCOVER what is important to you. Send us your plans, drawings, and anything that will help us understand the project. Invite us to your Pinterest boards or Houzz Ideabooks; provide us magazine clippings and photos of your current home. We study it all and meet with you using our online video conferencing technology to discuss your goals for the project and share our unique approach to design.


During Phase 2, we DESIGN a unique digital sketching phase that allows us to imagine multiple possibilities for your home. We build a preliminary set of drawings including lighting plans that show every fixture in the home.


In Phase 3, we DEVELOP what works best for you and build fixture allowances that help you budget. We walk through the lighting design room-by-room, updating the plan in real time to fit your needs and measuring it against our own high standards.


In phase 4, we DELIVER a complete set of lighting plans with measurements and fixture types for your entire project. We also provide buying guides for decorative fixtures like pendants with all the details you need to choose the right lights. We provide guides for architectural fixtures- such as recessed downlights- to simplify your shopping experience.

Contact us for a private consultation on how lighting design can help you.