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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Nestled above the valley is one of the most tech homes in Northern, California. It’s as simple as pushing a button called “Entertainment” on a iPhone device to give the entire property, “an alive feeling” as one of the Owners said. All outdoor lights come up, the firepit whooshes on, and the speakers surrounding the pool flood the environment with music. And that’s just an everyday experience. The Kids like to gather in sleeping bags on the retractable pool cover that holds 2,000 pounds to eat popcorn and watch a movie on the big screen TV by the pool. This is where the Clients take in their morning news along with their coffee, above. The outdoor movie screen is 10’x20’ and is inflatable, flanked by proper speakers amid a stunning starry backdrop. Control4 systems work well for families. The interface is intuitive enough for kids to easily navigate, and the interface is exactly the same on their iPhone. If a houseguest is intimidated by all the buttons, “just read them and you’ll know what to do” said the Client. The Clients can see where their four dogs cuddle up in a pile while they’re away on vacation via one of 12 connected security cameras. When coming back from a restaurant downtown, they often turn the hot tub on remotely so it is ready for a dip by the time they get home. As they climb the mountain, they tap the “Evening” scene, which turns on the pre-selected lighting levels as they enter the property. They can save energy while they’re out, yet come back to a well-lit property. There are screens to see who’s at the front gate and a button to open it in every room. There’s a button on each side of the master bed that lets them turn everything off again just before going to sleep, except for low energy under-cabinet lighting, which is especially handy for navigating in the dark. But perhaps their favorite feature is the one that shuts off the kids’ TVs, game consoles, Roku, what-have-they, at exactly 10 p.m. Control 4 home automation makes the mundane outsourceable, so your time is available to spend on the really important things in your life. Summit is proud of this one of a kind project and working with this family in this amazing setting.[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery el_id="gallery-839445" medias="1797,1806,1800,1801,1803,1802,1804,1799,1805,1807" style_preset="metro" gutter_size="1" media_items="media|lightbox|original" screen_lg="1000" screen_md="600" screen_sm="480" single_overlay_opacity="50" single_padding="2" interval="0" images="2026,2027,2028,2029,2030,2031,2032,2033,2034,2035" items="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"][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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