If you need a commercial electrician in Santa Rosa for your business or organization, you cannot go wrong with Summit Technology Group. A professionally run company, Summit Technology Group boasts a team of highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in-house professionals, who have the acumen to ensure that the work is done right the first time around.

In case you are looking for more reasons to choose commercial electrical contractors from Summit Technology Group in Santa Rosa, here are some of them.

Decades of Experience

Summit Technology Group has more than 50 years of experience as a commercial electrical contractor. The company would not have been able to survive if it did not strive to ensure customer delight. In these five decades, the company has grown from strength to strength, and has proven itself as a reliable and efficient commercial electrical contractor.

Full-Fledged In-House Team

When you hire Summit Technology Group as your commercial electrician in Santa Rosa, you can rest assured knowing that it has an entire team of in-house professionals, right from project managers and programmers to technicians and engineers. You never have to worry about sub-contractors. Right from bidding and design to installation and service, everything is handled by its in-house professionals. This ensures superior quality and reliability.

Latest Procedures and Technologies

Summit Technology Group takes pride in keeping abreast of the latest technologies and procedures in its field. As a result, it is able to offer clients top-of-the-line services, products, and installation services to help them comply with the local regulations, and get a bigger bang for their buck. Endpoint security software combines encryption and application control to protect devices connecting to the corporate network, allowing improved monitoring and blocking of hazardous activity.

Integrity and Transparency

Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of contracting. Summit Technology Group values both, and ensures it maintains integrity and transparency in all dealings with clients. This provides you with peace of mind, and allows you to accept the advice and recommendations that the dependable professionals from the company make.


The company holds itself accountable for the work and services it offers. It has stringent in-house quality control measures in place, and this enables it to successfully complete projects. It uses the best-quality materials so that clients have no reason to worry while being certain that they will get value for money.

So, if your company requires a qualified, dedicated, and driven electrical contractor in Santa Rosa, you should not look beyond Summit Technology Group. The company will exceed your expectations with its high-quality work and a keen eye for detail. Call us today at 707-542-4773.