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Charge Up Your Business with Advanced Vehicle Chargers

How Vehicle Charging Stations Set Your Business Apart from Competitors

Electric vehicles are no longer the wave of the future. They’re here! Right now, there are approximately 2 million of them cruising American roads. And every year, more and more people are opting for electric-powered cars that reduce carbon emissions and eliminate the need to pay costly gas prices at the pump. But charging an electric car is not always so simple. Unlike gas stations that seem to be on every corner, EV stations are sometimes few and far between.

If you own a business, offering vehicle chargers on your property not only provides a service for energy-conscious consumers and employees but also sets you apart as a forward-thinking company. This could be a big draw for shoppers and patrons. Keep reading to learn more about installing electric vehicle charging stations and the benefits for your business in North Bay, CA,

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Promote Visitor & Employee Satisfaction 

If visitors aren’t satisfied with your business, they’re less likely to return. And if employees aren’t satisfied, the company morale drops – as well as productivity. Keep everyone happy by ensuring your business is equipped with updated technology perks. For instance, commercial automation systems like whole-building audio, new conference room AV, and 4K TVs for retail shops and restaurants take your business from the past to the future!

Vehicle chargers do the same. Customers often look for vehicle charging stations in shopping areas and business locations, but they’re not always easy to find. Adding them to your office, school, or store parking lot not only encourages repeat visits to your location (as well as happy employees), but it also promotes an environmentally conscious community.

Save Money with Rebates & Incentives

How would you like to receive a rebate for every vehicle charger you install – a rebate of up to $6000 per commercial charger? Depending on your location and other factors, you can! California is incentivizing business owners, as well as homeowners, to install EV charging stations. This is because our state aims to achieve 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030 and 250,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2025.

At Summit Technology Group, we are experts at installing all levels of vehicle chargers: Level 1 (120V), Level 2 (240V), and Level 3 (480V) for commercial use. We install chargers for all types of vehicles, including the Tesla Supercharger that only works with certain models. We work with leading EV brands and provide turn-key services – from product selection and installation to advice on incentives and rebates.

  Take charge of your business by adding vehicle chargers on your property. Get started today by calling Summit Technology Group at 707-542-4773 or filling out the form on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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