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Enjoy a Bug-Free Patio with Outdoor Bug Screens

A patio protected by Oasis outdoor bug screens.

Expand Your Living Space Outdoor with a Protected Patio 

As the weather turns warmer, many homeowners are looking forward to spending spring and summer on their patios. Backyards are a great place for cookouts or enjoying your favorite entertainment with outdoor AV. However, pesky bugs can be a nuisance when you’re trying to enjoy time in nature. It makes it especially hard to enjoy a cookout with your family. Oasis patio screens prevent this issue and make the time you spend on your patio much more enjoyable. Keep reading to learn more about outdoor bug screens and shades and see how they can benefit your Coeur d’Alene, ID, home.

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Keep Bugs Out

Ever gone to sit outside but get swarmed by gnats? It’s even harder to keep mosquitos, flies, and other bugs away from your food while you’re cooking or eating. These annoyances can be a downer on your summer party or cookout. Luckily, it’s easy to keep these bugs out of your space! By installing patio shades or bug screens, you can protect your patio area. The shades still allow the fresh air to get in, but have holes too small for bugs to fit through. That keeps them out of your patio while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air!

Increased Privacy

In addition to keeping the bugs out of your patio, outdoor screens provide more privacy for you and your family. They’ll limit how much neighbors can see into your space, giving you the privacy of indoors while still enjoying the outdoor air. Plus these shades are retractable, allowing you to choose how you want to experience the outdoors. For example, you can have them rolled up to enjoy the sun and have easy access to the rest of your yard. Then as you wind down to eat or decide to relax with your favorite playlist and a glass of wine, you can roll the shades down and effortlessly add more privacy to your space.

Furniture Protection

Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements, but that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Too much exposure to the sun can leach the color of your patio furniture and leave the fabric with an odd texture. By installing patio shades, you can limit your furniture’s exposure to the sun. The shades will provide some relief from those harmful UV rays and can easily be lowered when the patio isn’t in use. This protection can keep your furniture fresh and vivid for longer.

Are you interested in expanding the living space in your Coeur d’Alene, ID, home? Contact Summit Technology Group today! Our team can tell you more about Oasis patio shades and the benefits of outdoor bug screens. Reach out today to be one step closer to a bug-free summer!

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