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Got Power? Save It for a Rainy Day!

An electric car parked next to a Savant Power module and charging station. 

When Does a Battery Backup & Storage System Make Sense for Your Smart Home?

You want your smart home to perform at its best when it matters most, which is why a battery backup and storage system makes perfect sense for your place in Sonoma, CA. At Summit Technology Group, we can design and install it for you!

Our technology integrators are trained in the latest energy management technologies, such as Savant Power, which gives you total control over how energy is distributed across your home. 

In this article, we explore how a battery storage system, integrated with Savant Power, turns your home into the most efficient and reliable version of itself, and why we are the team to install it for you. Keep reading to find out more!

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What Is a Savant Power System?

Savant Power uses smart modules, which attach to most electrical panels, to give you one-touch control over how energy is distributed across your home. In other words, Savant takes home automation to a whole new level by making circuits, smart devices, and technology systems more energy efficient and easier to control.

Say Goodbye to Power Outages

Optimizing Energy Consumption is one thing, but what about those times when the power is out? After all, your smart home shouldn’t stop working during an outage. With the combination of a battery storage system and Savant Power, that may be a lot easier than you think! 

Whether it is solar, electrical, or both, a battery storage unit literally saves energy for a rainy day. Once we integrate it with Savant Power for you, controlling and distributing your stored energy as you see fit, or programming and customizing scenes to optimize emergency energy usage and savings, will be as easy as tapping on your smartphone! Considering California’s latest energy grid mishaps, having control over your smart home and its energy usage is more important now than ever.  

We Know the Brands

There are several factors contributing to optimal everyday energy management, and the brands and products you choose to install at home are one of them. That’s why we work with you when installing a battery backup system for our clients so we come up with the best plan customized for you. 

What about your smart home? Are you really willing to leave comfort, convenience, and efficiency to chance, or would you rather know exactly how energy is being used at home, especially during an outage? We think you already know the answer to that question, and our experts are standing by for when you are ready to contact us!

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