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The Incredible Advantages of Solar Panels for Residential Use

Beautiful home with solar panels on the roof and a bright blue sky beyond.

Do you have solar panels for your home? Talk to us and discover the excellent benefits they provide! 

Solar panels and solar-powered homes and businesses are appearing everywhere these days. As humans explore and embrace the many perks that come from utilizing solar panels, we can't help but encourage our clients to read up on all the benefits that come with putting panels into action. 

Summit Technology Group can guide you through the solar panel process for your Santa Rosa, CA, home. Keep reading to find out if solar panels are right for you, and learn about their various benefits!

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5 Services a Professional Electrician Company Can Provide


From Lighting Design to Generator Installation, Summit Technology Group Is Here to Help

Electricity is the lifeline of any home. It helps keep all your essential appliances running to ensure your house is healthy and safe. However, electricity can also be very fickle and will occasionally need upgrades and repairs. Having an electrician that you can call for a variety of services, including maintenance, repairs, and installing new solutions, is crucial. If you’re looking for an “electrician near me” in Sonoma, CA, search no further! Check out just a few of the services Summit Technology Group can perform at your home.

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The Benefits of a Standby or Whole Home Generator

A standby generator installed by the side of a house.

Work with a Licensed Generator Company to Ensure Your Home & Family Are Safe During a Power Outage

As is human nature, many of us respond to an emergency only after it’s occurred. After all, life gets busy. One of the areas we're particularly prone to this form of procrastination concerns backup power. Our lights are usually on, and the electricity is running, and it's only when a storm comes through, or Idaho Power proactively turns off the power that we begin to think about our options. 

The good news is that a backup generator provides reliable power to your appliances, offering an easy solution to the occasional power outage. At Summit Technology Group, we’re here to help you select the right generator for your unique needs and professionally install it.

Let’s explore the options for your home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and how a generator company can help.

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The Benefits of Smart Lighting Control

 The outside of a modern home featuring Lutron lights.

Add Comfort, Convenience, and Value to Your Clients’ Homes with Smart Lighting Control 

Architects, designers, and general contractors understand the importance of creating comfortable, attractive, and efficient living spaces. That is why in all of your projects in Sonoma, CA, the furniture, finishes, and layouts are a unique reflection of each client. The same is true of lighting control systems, which should be installed to enhance the character of every space in a smart home. 

Working with Summit Technology Group means you will no longer need to worry about a project’s smart home systems, lighting control included. Instead, we will install, automate, and integrate these systems for you, ensuring they meet your work standards. But what exactly can smart lights, switches, and control interfaces do for you? 

Keep reading this blog to learn how automated lighting control solutions add comfort, convenience, and value to your clients’ smart homes. 

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