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The Benefits of Installing a Vehicle Charger

A white car and an electric vehicle charging station in a home’s garage.

Choosing the Right Charger for Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles offer several advantages over conventional vehicles. Besides being environmentally friendly, electric cars are also less expensive to drive. According to Duke Energy, the cost to fully charge a 60-kWh EV with over 230 miles of range at home is less than $8, a far cry from the current prices at the gas pumps. 

The cost to maintain an EV is generally much lower, and federal tax credits provide significant incentives. These may be a few reasons why EV sales doubled year-over-year in 2021, according to S&P Global. 

Many EV drivers charge their car when they’re out shopping at the supermarket or shopping and dining at malls. Eventually, their minds turn to the convenience of charging their car at home by installing a vehicle charger. 

At Summit Technology Group, we’re a team of electricians, integrators, and technicians who understand energy, electricity, and the smart technology that transforms lifestyles. We're experts and uniquely qualified to install all electrical vehicle chargers. Let’s explore what this means to homeowners with EVs in Santa Rosa, CA. 

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Inspire Your Clients With Tailormade Lighting Solutions

 A bathroom featuring a Lutron ceiling light bar and other light fixtures. 

Let Us Help You Craft More Comfortable, Efficient Living Spaces

The future is upon us, and homeowners across Coeur d'Alene, ID, demand smarter, better residential technology solutions. For local architects and designers, staying on top of these technologies is often the difference between securing a project or not. One of the areas where we have seen the most significant change is lighting control. 

Over the last twenty years, lights have evolved from store-bought light bulbs managed by on-wall switches to smart, self-adjusting, app-integrated and automated fixtures and intuitive interfaces. With so much change, how can you stay on top of all the latest products and technology trends? 

At Summit Technology Group, smart lighting is an integral aspect of all our projects, and we partner with industry professionals to bring clients across Idaho the future of light! 

If you or your clients are thinking about an upgrade, here are some of the advantages to installing smart lights at home. 

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Streamline Home Management with Smart Home Control

Control4 touchscreen in luxurious kitchen.

Access and Adjust Your Entire Home from One Dashboard

Smart home technology was created to make home life easier. It streamlines tedious adjustable things throughout the home, such as lights and shades. Additionally, you can check on the status of other technologies, such as climate and security. However, when your home contains numerous smart home solutions and technologies, it can take a lot of work to manage your home. 

Smart home control is a truly luxurious technology that integrates all smart solutions into one easy-to-use platform. Check out how a platform like Control4 can elevate your Santa Rosa, CA, home and lifestyle.

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3 Ways a Solar Battery Backup Can Benefit You

An Enphase backup battery installation.

Save Money and Stress With This Reliable Energy Source

Are you a California homeowner fed up with increasing utility costs, unplanned power outages, and general unreliability from traditional energy sources? Do you fear the disruption of environmental events such as storms, wildfires, and extreme heat that cause rolling blackouts, higher utility costs, and prolonged outages?

Using traditional energy from the utility company may have made your Sonoma, CA, home vulnerable to these concerns. However, homeowners with solar battery backup systems are able to power through these challenging scenarios while keeping their lights on.

Continue reading to learn three ways a solar battery backup could benefit you.

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