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Santa is Coming. Let’s Get Him on Camera!

 A dog biting a Santa cap is identified by’s video analytics technology.

A Security Camera Installation Is the Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Smart Home 

There is no time like the holidays for homeowners in Coeur d’Alene, ID, to purchase or upgrade their smart homes. When doing so, their choices are simple. To wait for Santa to deliver the perfect technology system or ask Summit Technology Group to design and install it for them. 

Whether you are looking to catch him coming down the chimney or want to deter porch pirates from stealing your latest Amazon order, a security camera installation is the perfect gift for you and your family. But how exactly will your smart home benefit from state-of-the-art surveillance during the holidays? 

Read on to learn how high-end cameras and a professional installation protect your loved ones and keep potential threats at bay. Whether you let Santa in or not, that’s entirely up to you!  

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Bring More Beauty and Fun to Your Home This Holiday Season


Smart Home Automation Offers Effortless Control of Lighting and Entertainment

That time of year has arrived to Healdsburg, CA! Soon, friends and family will arrive at our doorsteps, and holiday parties will be in full swing. While it's a great time of year, it can also bring increased stress with more on our to-do plate than time allows. This year, consider taking some of the pressure off with a smart home automation system.  At Summit Technology Group, we partner with Control4 and Lutron, leaders in home and lighting automation. Together, we can make your holidays more enjoyable. Let’s look at how these systems can help you get through the season of giving with your holiday spirit intact.

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Keep the Power on Throughout the Holidays and Beyond


A Battery Storage System Saves Solar Power for When You Need It the Most

We know it’s hard to imagine, but the holidays are upon us. Before we know it, family and friends will be gathering for celebrations that last long into the evenings. Are you ready? One of the aspects homeowners may only consider once it's too late is the power that keeps the lights, heat, and entertainment up and running.

In addition to extreme weather events, power outages can occur when PGE proactively turns off electricity in the interest of public safety. Of course, sometimes it’s simply mechanical failures, like in May 2022, when 1,500 homes and businesses lost power in Santa Rosa after an underground cable failed. Statewide rotating power outages may also become more common as temperatures rise and create more frequent extreme heat events.

The good news is that integrating a battery storage system into your Santa Rosa, CA, home can keep your home up and running, reduce your reliance on the power grid, and lower your energy bills. Let’s explore the makings of a battery storage system.

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Take Advantage of Solar Tax Credits Before the Year is Over


Does Your Solar Panel System Make You Eligible for Savings?

A solar panel system on your home in the North Bay, CA, comes with many benefits including energy independence, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money on your utilities. Your solar panels may be able to save you even more money if you’re eligible for a solar tax credit! Keep reading to learn more about available solar tax credits and to see if you’re eligible for a tax return credit next tax season.

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