3 Tips for Achieving Whole Home Automation and Integration in Your Smart Home

In a way, smart homes function as the human body does. They are a collection of systems working in unison. When one fails, the rest can suffer. With the holiday season upon us, is your home ready for some fun?

At Summit Technology Group, whole home automation is the goal for our residential projects in Healdsburg, CA. To achieve it, we collaborate with architects, designers, and GCs to turn our clients’ smart home dreams into a reality.

From security and surveillance to access and lighting control systems, we know your home works best when its technology is designed, installed, and monitored by professionals.

Here are three tips for achieving full system integration and automation in your own home.

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The Fundamentals

Most clients don’t think about their network setup when considering a home technology system. That’s a big mistake.

An effective network is the backbone of any smart home. It includes both high-quality wiring to connect all systems together and continuous system monitoring for optimal performance.

Professional installation and support are your best bet at having a high-performance home network before the holidays and every day.

AV Systems and Lighting Control

With the wiring done, it is time to consider some holiday fun! After all, what are AV systems for if not to make your home more enjoyable?

Entertain like a pro with the top names in the industry. They offer a range of smart products to turn any room in your house into an entertainment hub. At Summit Technology Group, our experts understand these brands and how to install and integrate them into new or existing technology systems.

Automated lighting control is the best compliment for your home AV systems, and no company does it better than Lutron. Their lights, smart shades, and lighting control software create the perfect ambiance for any room. You can even create scenes for each room or party!

Staying Safe

Security systems protect your home, your loved ones, and that amazing projector screen in your new home theater. Having a team of experts monitor these systems guarantees a prompt response in case of emergencies.

Brands like Avigilon offer smart cameras with video analytic tools, and their face and vehicle recognition technologies are second to none. In addition, systems such as Alarm.com are great for access control, video doorbells, motion detectors, and smart alarms, allowing you to have a truly comprehensive security system that helps you keep your loved ones protected.

We understand whole home automation may sound intimidating at first, but consider the alternative of your systems not working as advertised, especially during the holidays! If you want to enjoy a convenient and luxurious living experience this holiday season, it’s time to give us a call. Imagine one app that controls it all! No more piecing together separate apps and devices. Reach out to our team of experts today and start living in a home that saves you time, money, and headaches.

We look forward to working with you!