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The Importance of an Organized Network Cabling System for Your Business

The Importance of an Organized Network Cabling System for Your Business

Structured Cabling Means Less Down Time and Improved Scalability

Network cabling specialists install structured cable and data networks for voice, video, and data transmission. This network works like the veins in the human body, allowing data to flow from one device to another, whether computers, routers, or storage systems.

Think of network cabling as your business’s highway. When reliable, your company’s communications flow like a multi-lane highway. When impeded, you experience connectivity issues and traffic bottlenecks. Computers, conference room equipment, and digital phone systems all rely on proper cabling to support the various technologies and ensure solid communications that are both reliable and safe.

Let’s look at what network cabling services can do to provide a reliable, scalable solution for companies in Napa Valley, CA.

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Structured Cabling

Our certified technicians and electricians at Summit Technology Group have the experience and background needed to make your cabling system efficient and organized. A structured cabling system that’s created using best practices leads to smoother operations and fewer connectivity issues.

Tangled wires can create repetitive and lingering issues, whereas structured cabling makes a secure and orderly system. The more disorganized your cable network is, the more time it takes for relocations and needed updates.

We’ll configure cables and hardware so that small sub-systems make up the larger network. This forms the backbone of your computer network, creating a structured system that makes it easy to track, reduces possible overheating caused by poorly organized cables, and looks professional.

You’ll also reduce other possible safety issues that occur from disorganized wires, such as electric shocks and fires.

Systematic Approach

At Summit Technology Group, we use the highest quality equipment and most advanced technology that allows for better network management, freeing up rack space while optimizing floor space.

This approach makes it much easier for your IT technician to investigate and correct the inevitable malfunction. In turn, this means getting your company back up and running as soon as feasible, resulting in less downtime and lost revenue.


As your business expands, your network will have to rise to the occasion. A proper network cable installation means you can easily add to the system without redoing the network or changing the structure. In addition, a structured network cable installation means simplified and scalable communication and IT systems.

We all know that technology is advancing at unprecedented rates. When it’s time for your business to adapt, upgrade, or bring in advanced telecommunications, artificial intelligence, or manufacturing systems, an organized cabling system allows you to introduce new applications easily. These cabling systems also include a high bandwidth, which means your cabling system won’t become outdated as you embrace new technology and will be able to support your business as it grows.

As network cabling specialists, electricians, and automation integrators, Summit Technology Group designs, develops, and installs customized cabling solutions for clients throughout Napa Valley. To learn more about our network cabling services or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, contact Summit Technology Group today.

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